How to Hire Marketing Consultant

How to Hire Marketing Consultant

How to Hire Marketing Consultant

Consultants are people who tell how to conduct business. They do not control production processes, personnel or financial flows, do not install software, do not sell, do not conduct market research, do not create and do not advertise, do not produce printing products, and do not do many things themselves. They tell how to do it.

Marketing consultant talks about why we need market research, how to conduct this research, how to work with the product, what distribution channels to choose, to whom and what kind of advertising to order and where to place it, how to build relations with the public, etc. In Adrenaline Studiosonly professionals do this work.


How does marketing consultant work?

The work of a marketing consultant can have any format. It can be a personal meeting, a phone call, a meeting in the customer’s company, email and so on. The consultant can develop a strategy for the needs of the customer, choose solutions. Reporting, of course, is always present. This may be a written report, audio, video stuff with all indicators.


Choosing a consultant

If a couple of years ago the companies used to choose these people by portfolio, now the time has changed. Portfolios can be fake. It is better to get in touch with an applicant via Skype, telephone or arrange with him a personal meeting.


At the interview

It is clear that at first, many candidates are nervous. After the applicant finished the introductory story, proceed to the main point:

  1. Check the logic

Knowledge of terms is not an indicator. Moreover, such questions are easy to be found online and learned. The candidate may not know the technical subtleties, but be creative and quick-witted. Situational issues will assess the flexibility of thinking of the future employee.

  1. Check out basic knowledge

Doing this, you will understand the level of training of a potential employee and the time needed for his training and adaptation.

  1. Check personal skills

Pay attention to the speed of answers, behavior, and reaction to questions. They will tell a lot about the candidate as an individual. After all, you will work not only with a specialist but primarily with a person.

  1. Offer the task

Suggest the applicant solve the problem he can work at in future.


If the marketer has successfully passed the interview, pay attention to the following features of your new marketing consultant.

  1. Punctuality.

This parameter can be estimated by observing deadlines, the speed of replies to letters, and other things like coming to the place of work in time.

  1. Learnability.

It is important how quickly a person can apply new knowledge in practice, as well as whether he is looking for new ways of solving the problems.

  1. Initiative.

Most likely, during the trial period, you will not receive super-revolutionary ideas, but if an employee is interested in the development of the project, he expresses his opinion over the subject: pay attention to it.

  1. Generation of ideas.

He must create a marketing strategy based on the knowledge of the business processes of the client and its competitors.

  1. Communication skills.

These obvious qualities are necessary in order to establish a qualitative interaction between the client and the agency.

  1. Sociability.

Such a specialist constantly communicates with the manager and the contractor, so it is important to communicate without conflicts.

  1. Openness

This information is needed to evaluate effective collaboration.

  1. Creativity.

A good marketing consultant must be a very creative person.

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