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No matter which product you may need that is designed and developed by an IT company, it is absolutely crucial to hire a professional product manager who will be in charge of the process right from the beginning to the very end. The project manager will carefully asses every requirement that you have, analyze what the current market conditions are and project the set of actions that are needed to produce a successful product. Therefore, the technique and criteria of how to choose the right product manager are very important.

When did the market decide on the term “product manager”? And it became clear that this is not a specialist who makes purchases for retail chains, but a person who creates something in digital?

I think they always existed. They were called differently: project managers, project managers. These are people who exist in the paradigm in which the customer comes to them with the task, they question it and try to figure out what the problem is. And, having already pushed away from the problem and the needs of the buyer or end-user, they formulate a solution, protect it, implement it, prove its viability. Massively, such experts began to appear five years ago. Today you are “driving” into the search string HeadHunter “product manager” and you see a long list of open vacancies.

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Recently, the demand for this profession is growing more and more.

Companies, especially Russian, for a long time thought in terms of pyramidal structure. In it there are shareholders who broadcast their vision and goal down, there are top managers, department heads, customers and performers. But many have already realized that if you put at the head of this pyramid not a shareholder, but a consumer, then they will start earning more, and their product will be more in demand. This practice is beneficial to all, including shareholders.

In a sense, the product manager is a consumer advocate, but he never does charity work. The product manager hears the consumer, but the consumer often wants to get everything for free and in large quantities. Any product exists within the framework limited by the physical world and the business model, and it is impossible not to take them into account when you choose a way to solve a consumer problem.

In recent years, an economic base has been formed in order to create an understanding of the profession of a product manager.

Why our company is regarded as the best product management specialist on the market?

No matter what technique and criteria are used to choose the product manager it has already been proved that thousands of respectful companies have chosen the services of our company and received the best IT products that could have been found on the market.

When choosing the specialist it is important to look at the portfolio of the products that have already been made and look at the rate of its success. In fact, this is us who hold an impeccable record of producing successful products such as websites that have propelled businesses on a new level, and generating the profits on designed games and applications. Software design and developments are customs made, so it contributes substantially to every business where it is used ensuring efficiency and functionality as well as being slightly ahead of the time!

As a product manager, it is our mission to strongly cooperate with our client and perfectly understand what he is up to and what is needed. There are strong ties with the marketing and project management team because it is perfectly understood that the final product must be better than anything exists out there.

For that reason, in-depth market analysis is carried out and projected on a particular customer’s requirements. Strong attention to details of what features of the product can have a competitive advantage as well as to contribute to the overall perception of the product by the market users are paid in. As a result, every effort is made to get an impeccable product at the end that has either no alternatives or viable competitors!

What techniques should be used to hire the right product manager for your business with Digital Agency London?

There are quite a few things that every individual or business will have to consider when a project manager in IT will have to be hired. Our company is regarded as one of the best the business and also perceived as one of the best by our existing and previous clients. Therefore, we can easily state the criteria that have to be taken into account when you need to hire a product manager. Here are the tips:


  1. The things that are regarded as generic descriptions are used by week companies and managers, please never pay attention to such descriptions and skip these candidates immediately.
  2. Please, outline everything that you need and present it to the potential candidate. Watch out that the candidate must understand the matter and produce a viable plan of how to tackle it and be up against the problems.
  3. Please, never hesitate to ask what strategy and the main aspects will be used to eliminate the competitors.
  4. What competitive advantage the product will have?
  5. Please, ask for references from other companies and individuals.
  6. Look what product manager has produced and whether the products have become successful.
  7. Ask whether the whole working process could have been described as a pleasant experience.

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