How to Hire Production Manager

How to Hire Production Manager

How to Hire Production Manager

On the employment market, the production manager job vacancies have increasingly raised. So, who is this person, and what duties are assigned to him? Many people think that this is a sales manager. This profession is widely-known to everybody nowadays. But it should be pointed out, that in many cases, the sales manager is just an ordinary seller. Its functions can include a wide range of responsibilities from the sale of goods in stores and supermarkets to work in IT-sphere. This person knows everything about the characteristics of the products sold and implement them. For this, he was sometimes injected with a staff of sellers, which he was supposed to lead. But production manager is definitely not the same case.

What are the main characteristics, which should a good production manager have? Here are the main features:

  • Firstly, he must be able to communicate with various people, as well as manage them;
  • Secondly, he must be well-versed in related areas – psychology, economics, law; understand issues such as motivation, moral hazard, risk assessment, demand-supply, labor law, international law, intellectual property;
  • Thirdly, this person must be able to work in the team.

These subjects are nominally taught at technical universities, but their quantity and quality tend to zero. Thus, university education does not solve the issue of managers. There is only one option left – to search for a ready-made experienced mutualist, or prepare it from scratch. Our agency is working in the field of project management, and is ready to carry out the responsibilities of experienced production manager.

This profession is very different from the sales manager. The most important difference is in the marketing orientation of its activities. This is a specialist who is responsible for the promotion of goods on the market, and he has nothing to do with the process of direct sale. His field of activity is analysis and creativity. Analysis is needed to monitor the commodity market, as well as the activity of competitors. Creativity is necessary for organizing marketing activities: advertising development, conducting promotions. Of the purely managerial functions, he remained in control over the activities related to advertising, as well as responsibilities for conducting trainings and seminars regarding the characteristics of goods.

At the moment the production managers have become very popular. Moreover, this situation arose with the revival of the sales market, due to the fall in oil prices and the revival of the market of Western countries. Now the demand for everything that will be used in the hotel service, transport, equipment of sports arenas and even in show business has sharply jumped. Here you need a specialist who would analyze the goods of suppliers, choose the highest quality products and offer them to our market for implementation and presentation. In fact, this is a person who knows the products very well in terms of price-quality ratio and is able to provide great assistance to an intermediary company in sales.

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