How to Hire Program Manager

How to Hire Program Manager

How to Hire Program Manager

Even if the business is developing well, you can take a decision to hire another to hire a program manager to solve some problems. Here is the plan you can save to remember what you can do better in this case. Before starting looking for this person, use three important tips.


  1. Answer the question, why do you need a new program manager.

Understand the basics: what he will have to work with and what programming skills need to be applied.

  1. Find out the average salaries offered for this position.

This is an obvious fact — any good specialist costs money. Start from the average market salary in programming. Program managers in Adrenaline Studious are well-paid specialists.

  1. Engage your connections.

You may already know companies where good programmers work, but for some reason, they want to leave their place of work. Offer this position to some of these persons.


Choosing the best program manager

If you cannot find a dream specialist through your connections, go to the special sites. Be ready that on large resources like Craigslist there will be a lot of people willing to get this place. This is not always good, since absolutely everybody will work for any good job with a decent salary, and it’s simply unrealistic to define an intelligent specialist by resume. What can you do then?


Create a vacancy

First, make good ads. You will create the first positive impression of our company. A great option here is to see how other well-known digital marketing agencies do it. Take your favorite ads as a template and edit it for yourself.

Secondly, honestly and as thoroughly as possible write down what your employee will do, what skills he should have, for whom he will develop programs. This will show you the responsibility of this position.



You have compiled a vacancy, sorted out part of the candidates by resume and selected specialists for the interview.

Of course, it is best not to take into account the most inappropriate candidates at the stage of a telephone conversation, but this is not always an affordable option.

However, you can always find out whether the person used to solve such problems before and what experience he has. Als,o find a simple task on the Internet, send it to a candidate via email. This simple test will help you to get rid of very lazy individuals.



  1. Prepare the task

You know already what you need, so ask the candidate to perform a specific task right in the office and note the time. Before his arrival, warn about the check, but do not name the task itself.

  1. Talk about the candidate’s experience.

Find out what experience the applicant has, check everything. Even if a newcomer can impress you with his technical knowledge, focus on successful projects. Ask about his past jobs as much as possible.

  1. Ask to show his portfolio

Let the applicant show what he has already done and tell how much time he spent on it. Some portfolios can be fake, so be very attentive here. Talk to the candidate personally.

  1. Find out the reason for his job change

It is important to know. The main thing is that the job change should not be a consequence of the person’s failure to fulfill the tasks assigned to him.

  1. Offer a trial period

Only your ability to persuade and a properly formed contract are important here. If the hired employee copes with his tasks, give him 100% of the salary, if not, cut it.

Naturally, discuss the conditions of his work at the very beginning, as soon as the person should know everything beforehand.

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