How to launch your startup programs in 2020

There are no required steps to be an entrepreneur. It is not necessary to have a bachelor’s degree at a university or bank account. But you need a plan and a clear understanding of how to implement it.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, then you already have a vision of how to drive business. But recall that there are easy steps to create a business from scratch.

Begin with yourself – Digital Agency London

Why do you want to create a business? What motivates you? Is this the goal to develop industry in Ukraine, create a cool product and improve it or make money? What skills do you have? Are you ready to become an entrepreneur?

Answers will help to determine which business you should start. If you need more money, then, perhaps, it is enough to make a one-time business for one season? Do you want more? Better leave your work from 9 to 18 and start at least doing something.

Think about a business idea

Do you have a deadly business idea? If yes, great, you can move on to the next step. Not? Then start brainstorming on this topic:

  • Ask yourself, what is the next level of global development?
  • How can you catch the wave of new technologies?
  • Where do you make mistakes?

People are more often mistaken than they are doing the right thing. If you fix a solution to a problem for customers, they will be grateful. Apply your skills in a completely new field. Come up with something completely new, something cheaper or much better.

Get feedback

Has anyone already tried to implement your idea? If not, why? If this is a completely new product, it needs to be tested, improved and marketed with the understanding that customers will like it.

Attract investment

Create a business plan, write down the business structure, calculate its cost, payback periods. The investor thinks in numbers, so this is a key feature of the plan. If you do not attract external money, then enter into partnerships, act as a sponsor, where it is beneficial for advertising the project.

Improve a product or service

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Starting a business is simple, but going to a new level every quarter. If you have opened a restaurant — update the menu, surprise guests, create your application as a loyalty program. Try to improve product quality. The project must be competitive and admirable among customers. Be better every day!

The best idea for a project is born when you are a specialist in a particular field and daily observe certain problems or shortcomings that need to be addressed. Thanks to the strong desire to improve something, innovations and projects appear.

After the idea came up, you need to find a partner. I do not recommend to create a startup on your own. A partner must be sought. Moreover, this should be a person who is passionate about your ideas, who completely shares them.

The next stage is the search for resources and money. At your own expense, you can create what we call the “minimum work product”, which validates your most important hypotheses.

For example, you had a hypothesis that there is a certain problem, the solution of which will be your product, and people will be willing to pay for it. Take the minimum hypothesis as a basis, without additional functions and “chips”, and launch it on the market.

Only after receiving reports and ratings, the first feedback and if there are any results in the form of upgrades or improvements, contact the investor. You can do without it, but it should be borne in mind that development will occur more slowly.

Since today the competition is huge, regardless of the field of activity, investments will help to move faster. A standard condition for developing a startup is an investment. The search for an investor must be very active.

I also note that one of the most important stages in the development of a startup is its implementation. Even an idea is not as important as a competent implementation.
Be prepared for the fact that for a long time it will be difficult.

Get ready for criticism and rejection. The latter will be many, but this does not mean that nothing will work. This is part of the process. I know many successful entrepreneurs who are already making big profits from their projects, and they have come a very difficult way with errors and failures.

Everything will not work right away, and that’s fine. The main thing is to hold on. Everything will succeed if there is discipline and a desire to be successful.

Start by using these mini-strategies, which include investing in customer service, product quality, do it with the understanding that the work will never be finished. This is an eternal process of development.

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