How to Make a Marketing Plan

How to Make a Marketing Plan

How to Make a Marketing Plan

Well-made marketing plan, which is always used in Adrenaline Studios, can be a quality guide in work, both for companies and for professionals who work for themselves. How can you create it? When you find the answers to these questions, you will do it.


  1. What is the specific purpose of marketing?

Globally, the purpose of marketing can be understood as an increase of the company profits after attracting and retaining customers. However, think about the target action you need to get from a potential client in order for your marketing to produce results:

– To make a call?

– To fill out the form on the site?

– To come to the store or do something else?

Focusing on the ultimate goal of marketing communication will allow identifying those actions that lead to the result.


  1. What advantages do you give to the client?

Think about the profits and benefits of working with you. What are the top 5 differences from a competitor you can offer? For example, you can name these ones:

  1. High-quality goods;
  2. Reasonable prices;
  3. Great service and maintenance;
  4. High speed of work/delivery;
  5. Welcoming atmosphere in the company;
  6. 24/7 technical support.

Make your own unique list of benefits.


  1. Who is your target audience?

Here, you need extreme concentration! The better each segment of the audience is described, the more benefits can be offered. The more you specify your target audience, the more money you can earn.


  1. What tools and methods do you use in marketing?

The marketing arsenal is great and there can be a lot of points of contact with the customer: from business cards to the website, from the greeting message on the answering machine to the perfume in your store. Naturally, you do not need to use all of them. Focus on those communication channels and tools that significantly affect your customers’ perception of your company. For example:

– Site;

– Printed products like catalogs, and brochures;

– The appearance of employees or representatives of the company;

– Office design (café décor, etc.);

– Promotions about the company, products, services;

– Communication and activity in social networks;

– Organization of special events;

– Discount cards and loyalty system.

Build your top 10 tools and focus on their improvement.


  1. What is the niche of your company?

If it is not yet defined, then you need to find it. You must find a small market and become a big player there. This point is very important to be mentioned in your marketing plan.


  1. What is your identity?

You must not confuse it with the image of the company. Identity is a complex concept. It reflects how the market perceives you.

To describe your identity, you can use these phrases:

“Successful in … leading on …”;

“Caring for … attentive to …”.

“Proven … reliable …”, etc.

For example: “a reliable supplier of high-quality plumbing”, etc.


  1. What is your marketing budget?

Many things depend on what stage of marketing you are at. At the start, you can deal with small sums, but in percentage terms, it can be up to 50% of the initial sales volume. Then, in the process of developing a company, your budget can grow.

Nevertheless, low-budget or conditionally zero marketing does not mean that marketing in your company is bad. This is also a possible option at the start.

Try to use everything that was mentioned above practice. For example, brainstorm with your key employees, experts, write down the best answers and use them to create a unique and clear marketing plan. Hang it on the wall so that employees know and understand why, for whom, and how your company does marketing.

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