How to set up YouTube affiliate monetization

To participate in the YouTube partner program, you first need to have a YouTube channel registered with copyright videos, as well as a certain number of views and subscribers. Starting February YouTube requires that at the time of applying for a partnership, your YouTube channel has 4 thousand hours of viewing over the past 12 months and 1 thousand subscribers.

At the initial stage, you will have a choice whether to register through the YouTube affiliate monetization program or through multichannel networks (companies that provide registration services for the YouTube affiliate monetization program).

YouTube’s direct affiliate monetization program may not be available in all countries, but the number of countries in which the program becomes available is constantly growing. The requirements of YouTube for your channel are quite simple – your channel must-have videos, must be watched, and most importantly, must have a good reputation. YouTube affiliate monetization program is the process of turning a nonprofit project into a commercial one. The process is complex and requires caution, ingenuity, and patience. Based on this definition, monetization on YouTube affiliate program is the transformation of a non-profit hobby, a passion into something that can generate income.

Does the YouTube affiliate monetization program for everyone?

Most likely, half of the inhabitants of our planet do not suspect that YouTube is not just a platform where you can find something interesting, fascinating, informative to watch, but also a great opportunity for self-realization and earn.

So, monetization of videos on YouTube is showing, displaying ads on your videos. It is important to understand that YouTube and the advertisers who come to the platform do not pay for watching videos, but for watching ads on these videos. In other words, there are just movie views, and there are commercial views. The more commercial views of your videos, the more you earn per view. Earnings on YouTube primarily depend on the size of your channel and how authoritative you are in the eyes of your viewers, whether your opinions and experience are valuable to your audience, and whether you are interested in the advertiser.

There are 2 types of YouTube affiliate monetization:

  • affiliate program
  • direct sale of advertising

YouTube affiliate monetization program with Digital Agency London

Thanks to the YouTube affiliate program, ads on your channel will be shown according to internal processes and algorithms (which the platform activates within the framework of a channel, and which you can influence in the settings).

The following types of advertising exist on YouTube:

  • display ads
  • overlays
  • skippable video ads
  • skippable ads,
  • splash ads.

When setting up monetization, you can choose the types of advertising that you would like to appear in your videos. The amount of income is determined by several factors. The most important of them is the type of advertising and its cost.

How to enable monetization and start earning?

There are several options:

  • Direct YouTube affiliate monetization program (AdSense). You can become a member of the YouTube affiliate program if it operates in your country and on your channel with at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing over the past 12 months.
  • YouTube’s multichannel affiliate programs. A multichannel network combines several YouTube channels. Representatives of multichannel networks help you work with your audience, plan shootings and monetize content, develop relationships with partners, manage digital rights, conduct sales and perform many other tasks.

Previously, it was possible not to create an AdSense account and at the same time be able to become a member of the multi-channel network, but since April 2017 this condition has become mandatory for all channels. Each channel should now be approved for the YouTube affiliate monetization program.

Honest earnings without violations

Content uploaded to YouTube must comply with the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, and if monetized, it must also comply with the AdSense program policies. Downloading a movie or someone’s favorite video and making money on it will not work. YouTube is the platform for which it is important to protect the copyright of each author and creator of the video.

Here are the basic principles that YouTube recommends that you follow:

  • do not break the rules of the service,
  • be polite and rely on common sense.

The context of the video is of great importance and very often is fundamental in the decision-making process on the inclusion of advertising. YouTube from time to time makes changes to the rules of monetization: what used to be normal and monetized without question is now tightly controlled by the platform.

Image result for youtube monetization

For example, now YouTube affiliate monetization will not be included in the video with the following content:

  • materials on controversial or sensitive topics,
  • content about drugs and other dangerous substances,
  • records of risky or dangerous actions,
  • videos that contain discriminatory, derogatory or derogatory language,
  • videos with a lot of rude and obscene language,
  • content of family brands and programs that are used inappropriately (even comedy and satirical videos of such content are not monetized),
  • humiliating or provocative materials,
  • obscene content
  • videos containing images of violence and injuries, as well as bloody scenes.

YouTube affiliate monetization allows you to express yourself and convey something to your viewer, but also YouTube wants to be a platform that will not incite conflicts between countries, nations, will not promote an indecent lifestyle, etc.

YouTube is a family-friendly platform.

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