How to start own tech startups in 2020

A tech startup is a business in conditions of high uncertainty. Moreover, as a rule, a good startup solves big problems, which has already been proved by the history of really successful startups.

For example, Google, which began with the work of two guys who wanted to improve the search engine. As a result, they have changed the way we find restaurants, use email and live in many other ways.

All successful entrepreneurship stories converge on one common activity – problem-solving. It is the desire to solve problems that creates opportunities for growth and provides ways to change our society and the world.

But to find the most effective way to solve these problems especially unpleasant and seemingly intractable is not always easy.

So, let’s see those things that you should do if your startup wants to solve the complex problems of the world:

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So what do you need to know about a tech startup?

1. It starts with an idea, the foundation of any business. If you come up with and then offer a real product that has no analogs, so success is guaranteed. The idea needs to be developed through the involvement of specialists and the search for investors.

2. A workable team. Keep in mind that you should not count on quick profits; you need enthusiasts who are ready to work “for an idea” first.

3. Starting capital. It is impossible without a financial component. Typically, start-up entrepreneurs attract third-party investments, but there are often cases when they are ready to invest their capital, and not just knowledge.

Testing phase – Digital Agency London

Launching a tech startup to implement a project is impossible without testing. If there is no money and a large team of performers, but there is a lot of enthusiasm, the main thing is to come up with a working model of the company.

The process of verifying the viability of an idea always involves polishing it.

We recommend starting with a survey of the target audience. Its purpose is to find out the potential interest in the service. Also, do a competitor analysis. This data will then become the basis of the business plan.

Next is the direct testing of the product/service. It is important to make an objective conclusion, assessing the willingness of consumers to give money for goods. As part of this action, the market is also studied, the basic concept of the future company is drawn up, the portrait of a potential client is necessarily “drawn”.

Testing ideas should not be postponed until the advent of the marketing department since there is a great risk of offering a product to a non-target audience, which means failing.

Writing a Strategy/Goal

A strategy is an important stage in the development of a “young” brand. It is the efficiency of the business model that investors then evaluate when making financing decisions. Often, the construction of a plan is based on the personal experience of the creator, successful cases drawn from the Web.

Why is it important to develop a plan?

  1. Firstly, a strategy is necessary for systematic development (entering new markets, launching new products, finding partners, merging with corporations, etc.).
  2. Secondly, the business plan largely determines the size of investments, how they will be implemented (self-financing or financial investments from outside).
  3. Thirdly, the construction of company management and the selection of employees depend on the planned points of consistent development and goals.

A business plan should always contain a “twist” that distinguishes the brand from others, which can interest investors. However, do not overdo it with creativity, performance is more important.

Do what you are personally interested in

There are many good reasons to solve serious problems that concern everyone, but you will be more successful if your startup works on a problem that concerns you personally.

Get inspired by technology

Our world is becoming more complex and today not so many of them can be solved without technology. Get ready to be inspired by technological developments – and suggest your own. From pollinating unmanned aerial vehicles to screens that can turn ocean water into airplanes, entrepreneurs are finding innovative ways to make more efficient use of many products and activities.

Computer and data transfer technology will form the basis of almost all future research and development. There is no doubt that data analytics will present new ideas in the fields of medicine, ecology, urban planning, transportation, agriculture and other areas critical to sustainable progress in the 21st century.

And finally, here are some recommendations for you as novice startups:

  • Define your values
  • understand who your customer is;
  • Stay ready for any changes and turns;
  • Understand that if you go to a startup, you must immediately abandon all ideas and beliefs about this business.

Every day you will be convinced that this is not for sale, and the money does not come from where you expected to receive it. The first year it is important to be ready for everything, and not to get hung up on anything;

Do not forget to constantly try.

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