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HR marketing is a whole science of personnel management. This concept considers the interaction of employees who enter into market relations with customers. This management model is very effective. Using HR marketing at the enterprise, it will be possible to increase the efficiency of the staff, its productivity, as well as increase sales several times.

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In foreign practice it is customary to divide the basic principles into two categories:

  1. First one. Staff is considered as potential customers of the organization. The main purpose of this method is to use frames with maximum efficiency. To achieve the goal, it is customary to create harmonious and favorable working conditions. It is important to develop in each employee a loyal attitude to his own enterprise. This approach can be rephrased as follows: this is a kind of “sale” of the company to its own employees. This concept differs from the usual and standard forms of marketing in that it is based on market thinking.
  2. Second. This method allows you to approach employees from a more thoughtful point of view. This function identifies the needs of the enterprise and then satisfies them in terms of staffing.

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HR marketing provides for the maximum consideration of the requirements and inquiries of company employees. This approach allows attracting highly professional experts from various fields of activity. Competent HR marketing will certainly bring benefits to the enterprise, increase its profit.

Human resource management is a science. The organization of personnel marketing includes the interaction of employees entering into market relations with customers. This model allows you to improve the performance of staff and increases sales by several times.

The use of HR marketing involves taking into account the needs of employees. This allows you to attract qualified professionals from various fields. The company HR marketing is implemented in several ways. The information aspect involves the study of information in order to simplify. The communication aspect refers to the universal, that is, specialists interact at different levels.

The recognition of the enterprise will depend on the work of managers who monitor the process, who:

  • contact with the media, employment services;
  • prepare contracts;
  • develop an estimate.

The most popular way to select staff is to conduct an interview. The correct organization of this moment will allow you to quickly find the right employee without losing quality characteristics.

The main functions of HR marketing

In a narrow sense, HR marketing can be considered by its main functions. These include:

  • Identification of the needs of applicants;
  • Creation of a database of potential employees;
  • Impact on the opinion of the candidate about the organization, “sale” of the company;
  • Segmentation of the labor market, a harmonious search for motivational methods on an individual basis for each.

HR marketing sets itself the main task: to provide the enterprise with the most experienced human resources as efficiently as possible. Of course, the main provisions of this strategy in no way contradict other types of marketing, but rather – facilitate the interaction between them.

The HR manager has one goal – to sell a job in the labor market, thereby bringing benefits to the enterprise. The main thing to remember is that a properly selected employee, a harmonious atmosphere in the team, work for the result – will increase the company’s profit, and accordingly – your income.

HR planning covers three consecutive stages:

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  1. The information phase.

At this stage, the collection of statistical data and other necessary information, its processing and analysis of the personnel situation in the region, as well as the most likely options for its development in the future, are carried out.

  1. The stage of development of a draft personnel plan.

An analysis of personnel situations and their development prospects creates the basis for the development of alternative options. At this stage, research is being carried out on alternative projects of the personnel plan and their impact on the achievement of the organization’s goals in the municipality.

The results of the analysis of human resources should indicate what needs to be clarified or changed in the personnel policy of organizations in the municipality in the conditions of market relations. The role of HR marketing is to achieve such a state of development of organizations that they will have the right amount of staff of the right profile at the right time and acceptable cost for the organization.

  1. The decision-making phase.

That is the approval of one of the most reasonable options for the plan as a mandatory guide for the organization. The main problem in the activities of the modern personnel service is that while the personnel services will not be engaged in the development of organizations as a whole, they are assigned the role of a recruiting agency with a poorly representing customer.

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