How to Use Service Marketing

Every company executive knows that the key to a successful business is the correct marketing strategy. However, depending on the type of company (service or product) you need to use different approaches in its development.

Unlike a product, you cannot see, touch and return some service. Therefore, first of all, you must allay the fears and doubts of a potential buyer. Service marketing specialists recommend the companies to equip their salespeople not with brochures, but with success stories of projects and positive customer reviews.

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What is needed

Internet advertising is the use of the power of the Web to promote your products. There are many tools of online advertising – search engine optimization, contextual advertising, banner advertising, targeted advertising on social networks, etc.

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Interactivity. Unlike offline media, online advertising allows the target audience to actively interact with the company. For example, when clicking on a banner ad, a person can continue communication with the company and immediately receive the information of interest. This property of advertising on the Internet allows reducing the advertising budget and the necessary number of touches with the client, to build an active dialogue with potential customers.

Coverage. The audience reaches on the Internet is almost as good as traditional media channels. In addition, the Internet advertising format itself makes it more efficient even with less coverage. This is due to the fact that contact with the target audience is more likely, and the time of active contact is higher than that of most offline media.

Targeting Internet advertising gives the opportunity to display advertising information only to an interested, narrow audience. We get the opportunity to personalize the advertising message for each of the segments of the target audience. Also in online, there is no need to pay for irrelevant display of the advertising message – from which it is impossible to leave in the classic media.

Measurability Unlike classic media channels, online advertising results are easy to measure. Detailed statistics, available in real-time, helps to adjust advertising campaigns and make them very effective.

  • Features of service marketing

The sales cycle for a service is usually longer than for a product, and the main, most important role in making a decision to purchase it is not the properties of the solution being sold, but the benefits from its use and the relationship between the buyer and the seller. Other things being equal, the vendor who has established a friendlier and trusting relationship with a potential customer gets a vendor.

When buying a product, the buyer pays attention to the quality and the properties of the product, while when buying a service, the skills and reputation of the sellers are assessed. Therefore, service companies must think more about creating a favorable image of sales and a company’s positive reputation than about advertising, which can work faster to promote products.

Product marketing is focused on the number of sales, while service marketing is more individual. If for a grocery company, marketing is mainly focused on increasing brand awareness, then for a service company, most marketing work focuses on customization of offerings and presales.

The effectiveness of service marketing can be easily monitored by the number of customers that decided to use this service, the size of the average check, positive reviews, and sales. Learn more about the ways of making this type of marketing more effective.

  •  Work with the customer base

In case, you want to promote your service, contact one of the best marketing agencies like Adrenaline Studios. The specialists there know that one of the main tasks of service marketing is to work with the customer base constantly. This work consists of maintaining customers’ loyalty, understanding their needs, as well as constantly analyzing their behavior (visits to the service), tracking the response to special offers, accounting for hours of service loading, etc.

When working with a client base, the company can focus on those people who need to get these services urgently. When placing direct advertising it is difficult to target and segment an audience. It is important not only to analyze the customer base and their behavior but also to track the load factor of the service and try to form a customer opinion.

  •  Communication with customers

It is very important to find and use the right channels of communication with customers. At the moment, the main ones are customer service calls and SMS distribution. The company selling the services must not ignore such an effective channel as e-mails. The email addresses of the clients must be at the base of the company.

  •  Attracting customers

Only a trusted company can attract more clients. The best channels here are forums and sites with reviews. It is important to understand the number (better in percents) of negative and positive reviews and react to them. Advertising campaigns are also very significant.

The quality of properly organized service marketing affects the competitiveness of the product, contributes to the increase in demand and the prestige of the company.

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