How to Use SnapChat: A Detailed Guide for Beginners

Snapchat is an application for iPhone and Android in which people immediately exchange ridiculous photos and video messages.

The uniqueness hides in the fact that the message is deleted as soon as the recipient views it. Or if you posted an SEO story, then after 24 hours it is also deleted.

With 187 million active daily users and an average usage time of 30 minutes per person, Snapchat is becoming a great platform for your advertising campaigns.
Moreover, Facebook lost about 2 million active users under the age of 25 in 2018, while Snapchat added about 2 million users at the same age.

It is necessary to notice that Snapchat is not a photo and video editor. It is aimed at bringing pleasure and fun. The interface of the application is not very convenient for inexperienced users. We will analyze how to use Snapchat with all the details, and you may become an advanced user.

What is Snapchat and why do teenagers like it?

Snapchat offers a spontaneous look at each other’s lives. It allows you to shoot videos and photos on the go, and quickly share them. Immediately after the recipient opened and looked at the message, it disappears.

Unlike other social networks, Snapchat provides much less room for curated content. Many users emphasize that only Snapchat allows them to show themselves as they are – as if in the backstage of real life.

Snapchat is primarily a visualization. You follow the people you love, their daily lives, and they follow you if they subscribe to you in response. Each event appears on your phone with a notification.

The application does not imply a general broadcast of your information, like other networks where all your friends see your feed. You can mark one or 20 people to receive a message, or simply broadcast everything that happens using “My Stories”.

If you do not understand what the “trick” of filters is, do not use them. Or try and enjoy your stupid look. No one will blame you. On the contrary, the stupider you look, the cooler.

Many young people upload photos or videos of their pets to the network without any filters or processing. If it seems to you that this moment needs to be captured, do not hesitate. And as soon as the post is viewed, it disappears, so that there will be no trace of the first attempts to become a Snapchat star.

Snapchat’s characteristic feature is its interface. It is illogical, for the so-called digital regulars. If you do not have subscribers at once, then at first glance the application seems completely pointless.

As for a non-teenager, it’s best not to subscribe to everyone, but to the pages of interest – news channels or popular publications that use Snapchat to broadcast some backstages or vacation periods.

So, a simple guide for a Snapchat beginner – Digital Agency London

Firstly, you should download the application and create an account. Then, click on the yellow ghost at the top of the page.

-Click on the “Add Friends” button. And here there are several ways to achieve the goal, but it is best to just ask children of acquaintances, etc., what logins they have and add them by name.

-Start the “reporting”. Click on the circle at the bottom of the phone’s screen – it is a Snapchat camera feature. For a photo, you need one short press, for a video – to hold down the button.

And then the fun begins. At the top of the screen, there is a letter “T”, with it you can add text to a photo or video. When you click on the box to the left of “T”, different emoji or stickers will appear.

Clicking on the pencil icon, and then on the photo, allows something to “get hot” on it. When you slide your finger down the screen, filters appear. If you still have questions, Google and its “trainers” are at your service.

The small white and blue arrows in the lower right corner of the screen display a list of contacts. Select the one you want to send your Snap to and click on the arrow.
Feel awkward, because it’s somehow unusual for you to send stupid or not so nice photos and videos to someone.

When you get a little stronger, sort out the “My Story” function, which allows users of Snapchat to make a mini-story, and which is available for viewing by all your subscribers within 24 hours. Also get acquainted with the “Memories” function, where users upload photos from the archive.

And if all this is too complicated for you, take courage. Next year there will be a new boom. Here, for example, “Stories” appeared on Instagram, the mechanism of action of which is very much like Snapchat, so get yourself a head start and enjoy the technical progress.

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