How to Use Viral Marketing for Business

How to Use Viral Marketing for Business

How to Use Viral Marketing for Business

Internet advertising with the use of standard tools (search engine optimization, contextual advertising, targeted advertising) is usually not emotionally engaging. Roughly speaking, it’s just the way to inform the target audience about your company’s product.

Modern viral marketing helps to involve of the target audience in the distribution of your advertising message. As a result, the activity of the audience becomes part of the advertisement. Thus, it can be said that the essence of viral marketing as a service consists of a series of consecutive steps aimed at solving classical problems of advertising communications, but using an emotional add-on that allows you to launch mechanisms for the natural distribution of information in the network with the direct participation of representatives of the target audience.

The main goal of communication is to deliver a message to the target audience. This may be a unique selling proposition, functional or emotional benefits of your product. Viral marketing does an excellent job with this task – the message is contained directly in the distributed content.

Moreover, it has a large coverage of the target audience. Your message will be conveyed to your target audience, and most contacts will be received “naturally”. Users will independently distribute branded content among their surroundings, take part in discussions around the product, service and company. Due to this, the cost of contact with the target audience is reduced in comparison to the classical tools of Internet marketing.


The benefits of viral marketing are:

1) Large organic coverage. A viral ad campaign typically gets much more reach than regular pay-per-click advertising. This is achieved through organic distribution of advertising information;

2) Low cost of contact. Most of the marketing budget costs occur during the launch of an advertising campaign. Further spending is associated only with maintaining and targeted stimulation of user activity. As a result, the cost of one contact and lead results in several times less than with standard promotion tools;

3) The speed of the result. Viral advertising is distributed to the target audience very quickly. So, the implementation of such tasks as obtaining the necessary number of contacts, increasing brand awareness, the number of completed transactions, etc., are achieved in a minimum period of time;

4) Flexibility. The implementation of a viral advertising campaign is not tied to any one tool. Dissemination of information can be carried out using any Internet marketing channel, which makes it possible to adjust to virtually any starting conditions and restrictions.

Viral advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote at the moment. An audience that is tired of advertising everywhere and everywhere will prefer inconspicuous advertising that will attract them to the product with the help of the emotions that it causes.

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