How To Use YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

Two new Google paid services have started to work. They are YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium, as well as the new streaming YouTube Music application, which can be used for free.

It just so happened that Google has some ability to create a huge number of projects that partially or fully copy each other’s functionality. It is difficult to explain what such love is connected with, but the fact remains.

True, some of them are closed, others remain and, sometimes, become popular, thanks to the persistence of the company. And, just a few months ago, the next such clone was the YouTube Music service, which was launched in Ukraine. Together with it, the paid YouTube Premium subscription has officially become available, thanks to which you get a number of additional benefits throughout the entire video hosting ecosystem.

New services, primarily, were created to impose direct competition on the popular Spotify and Apple Music, and as it turned out, they really have something to interest not only the ordinary music lover but also a true one.

But most ordinary users did not manage to figure out what service for what and how they differ from each other. Therefore, we decided to help you with this difficult matter. In this article, we will help you understand the intricacies between YouTube Music and YouTube Premium and have prepared a detailed overview of both services.
And I want to share with you what YouTube Music is in practice, how to connect it and how to work with it.

Installation and Registration – Digital Agency London

Let us start in order. If classic YouTube is “sewn” into most smartphones by default, then the YouTube Music application needs to be installed independently. Which, in general, is no difficulty.

Install the YouTube Music app from the Play Store or AppStore

You can enter the service using your Google account. If you do not have one yet (which is extremely unlikely), then they have to get it. Actually, now you have access to a lot of music, video clips, and other musical benefits.

It is only worth remembering that free use entails an abundance of advertising and a rather music library without the ability to listen offline and save music to your device. It is not the best algorithm for using the service. But paid subscriptions, the cost of which is more than affordable for most users, open up new musical horizons.

So, the application is installed and login through your account is complete. Of course, you will immediately be offered to issue a paid subscription with a free trial period of 1 month.

What does the subscription give us?

  • access to all the music and video clips that are available on the service;
  • access to “bonuses” (live performances, remixes, and covers) both in audio and in video format;
  • complete lack of advertising;
  • the application running in the background;
  • the ability to create your own playlists, offline mixes (up to 100 songs) and download content to your device;
  • as well as a convenient navigation system, sensible recommendations taking into account the user’s musical tastes, music news and a huge number of subject collections.

And we have several options for subscribing:

An individual subscription is the most affordable way to enjoy all the benefits of a music service from one account. Despite the fact that the service is limited to one account, there are few restrictions on the choice of devices. That is, from your Google account, you can safely use YouTube Music on your smartphone, laptop (only the web version of the site), a TV with Smart-TV, and game consoles (PlayStation 3rd and 4th generation, as well as the Xbox). And the service works in parallel, which is very convenient.

Family subscription

This tariff makes it possible to use the delights of the resource with the whole family. You can connect up to 6 users over 13 years old. One account is an admin account, and only on its behalf you can add or remove members of the YouTube Music family. Payment also takes place with this account.

Family Subscription + YouTube Premium

All the same, rules are applied here as with a regular family subscription, but with a very nice bonus. A small surcharge not only allows you to use the YouTube Music service in full but also gives a premium subscription to the main YouTube. YouTube Premium, in turn, is a video without ads, the ability to download videos for further viewing offline and access to a large number of films and TV shows available on the service.

The latter for the average user is not of particular interest since all the content is presented in the original language and rarely where you will find at least Russian-language subtitles. Although, if you are actively engaged in learning English, then this chip may be useful to you.

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