Instagram Ads: How to Start Traffic Campaign

Instagram is a leading visual content platform with more than 500 million users and more than 80 million daily posts. The service provides instant data transfer and has a great advantage over other platforms – its content has the highest virality.

The total number of the audience creates fertile ground for the introduction of advertising campaigns on Instagram, so adding them to the marketing strategy plan can be a reasonable and relevant solution for the business.


1) Define your goals

Before you do anything, you need to determine the goals of your advertising campaign and clearly understand what you want to achieve. Your goals should be simple and clear.

Here are examples of possible objectives:

  • Sales increase;
  • Attracting traffic to the site;
  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Getting leads for your company;
  • Increase the number of conversions on the site;
  • Promotion of the product catalog;
  • Attracting people close to your company;
  • Stimulating interest in your proposal;
  • Increase the number of subscribers;
  • Increase the number of likes and shares;
  • Increase the number of application installations;
  • Increase the number of video views;
  • Increase event attendance.

2) What do you need to know before starting?

The success of promoting a business account on Instagram is completely up to you, namely, on your ability to properly build your work on creating and promoting advertising.

Before you start an advertising campaign on Instagram, you must be sure in the following things:

You need to know how the platform works.

You should have a fresh idea, as well as an understanding of what you can achieve with your advertising. Having a catchy idea is the best reason to run Instagram ads.

Before you start an advertising campaign, you need to tidy your site;

Make sure that you adequately assess your chances, and that you have all the tools necessary to create an advertisement.

Here is a list of necessary tools:

  • You need a product or service;
  • Your brand should have a quality design;
  • You need a Facebook account since the creation of advertising on Instagram is via Facebook;
  • You need a business account on Instagram.

3) Choose your ad format

Instagram ads are presented in three formats:

  • The photo;
  • Video;
  • Carousel.

So, for Instagram advertising to lead to a successful result, it is important to:

  • set clear goals;
  • develop an idea, a “chip” of your brand;
  • make sure that you have a list of all the necessary tools;
  • Choose an advertising format;
  • Create a quality advertising design;
  • Correctly determine your target audience;
  • Create a content plan and promotion strategy;

When publishing, choose hashtags that match the brand, its services, or the product it provides.

How to run Instagram ads?

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1) Create Ads in Ads Manager – Digital Agency London

Open Ads Manager. Go to your Facebook page and click on the “Create an advertisement” button in the menu in the upper right corner.

Target selection

You will see the Manager for creating advertising (Ads Manager). Choose the purpose of your Instagram ads and click “Create Ad Account”. Select a currency and time zone and click “Continue”.

Select a business page on Facebook or create a new one. Next, select one of the proposed categories that characterize the activities of your company, then a new window will open.

Enter information about your company (name, category, address, zip code, and photo). Next, click “Create Page” and your Facebook business page has been created. Scroll down the page and enter all the necessary data.

Define an audience for your ad, select a location and language. Mark your budget, and ad schedule. Then click “Continue”.

Media selection

Select the media data for advertising (images, slideshows or videos) and enter the text of the advertisement. Then click “Place an order.”

Select a Payment Method

The last thing to do is to choose a payment method.

Now you can create advertising posts and publish them through Ads Manager.
Make sure you comply with Facebook’s Advertising Policies

Before an ad is allowed to be published on Facebook or Instagram, it is carefully examined to make sure that it complies with the guidelines for advertising.

Typically, advertisements are reviewed within 24 hours, but sometimes it can take longer. Below are 3 common reasons why your ad isn’t validating.

Image result for Instagram Ads

1) Using the text on images.
Advertising should not include more than 20% of the text in the image. This rule applies to all types of advertising. You can use the grid tool to find out if your ad meets this requirement.

2) Advertising with age restrictions.
Some advertising is not published because of the photos and text that are offered to the young audience (for example, alcohol and tobacco products).

3) Mention Facebook in your ad.
Sometimes you need to link a Facebook page to your ad.

Also, you should remember a few main rules:

Write Facebook with a capital F;

Apply the same letter size, font, and style to the word “Facebook” as all the text surrounding it.

The promotion of posts is not suitable for every business since its goal is to increase engagement among Instagram users. It is not always possible to track the direct impact of such advertising campaigns on sales or bids.

To promote Instagram posts, you need either a smartphone or Facebook Ads Manager.

To create promotions, you will need a Business Manager and a Facebook page, which must be interconnected, as well as setting up a payment method in Business Manager.

Promotions must be set carefully to prevent errors in payment or displayed profile settings.
To connect Instagram trade tags, you will need an Instagram business account, a Facebook catalog and an incredible desire to get this beta.

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