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Nowadays, more and more economy experts describe modern economy as having no longer three usual sectors but as having a quaternary sector, which consists of numerous information services, such as, for example, computing, ITC (information and technology services), different consultancy services (offering various advice to business), R & D (research and development, particularly employed in scientific fields). And then finally comes a quinary sector, which comprises intellectually based macro-level activities.

As a matter of fact, specialists in these sectors work not under the indefinite time contract but using other working contracts as well. In other words, they offer their services on demand. Hence, the importance of outsourcing companies for both clients and freelancers becomes more and more obvious. The most important European and American cities witness an outburst of various outsourcing companies, especially in the IT-sphere.

IT outsourcing – what is it?

Now in our society, a huge number of Englishisms are constantly used, especially this applies to the field of business and IT technologies. Let’s try to figure out what one of them means, namely, “outsourcing”. Translated from English, the word outsourcing means “remote source”, or “external resources.”

IT outsourcing, as a rule, implies the transfer by the company of a part of the functions of autonomous support and maintenance of computers, as well as other information systems of another organization.

For the IT company that provides services, this is the main area of activity, so market competitiveness depends on the quality of the services provided. That is why such companies have rather stringent requirements for their employees. Engineers serving customers require not only a high level of professional knowledge but also the ability to comply with corporate ethics.

Why outsourcing?

Of course, the main advantage is economic feasibility – the company’s IT fleet is maintained by freelance specialists, that is, there is no need to pay salaries, vacation pay, staff taxes, and organize an additional workplace. The specialists of the service company fully configure the information systems of the organization, after which they go only for a scheduled performance check and to eliminate the problems that have arisen. This service is especially popular with small and medium-sized businesses when it makes no sense to keep a system administrator on staff who will deal with their immediate responsibilities only a few hours a week.

  • High professionalism. The employees of the outsourcing company constantly deal with the latest developments and participate in improving their skills by attending industry seminars, conferences and courses. This is one of the basic principles because information technology is by far the most dynamically developing industry in the market and only highly qualified employees allow the company to be competitive.
  • Confidentiality. Often, company leaders give preference to full-time employees because they are afraid of information leaks, because an IT specialist, during the performance of his duties, will gain access to almost all commercial and personal information owned by the company. However, these fears are groundless – since the culprits of disseminating information containing commercial secrets are, in most cases, full-time employees. As for the service company, it has absolutely no motive for this, because if a leak occurs, the integrator will receive serious reputation damage, which could jeopardize the entire business. Also, the issue of confidentiality can be framed legally.

Based on the foregoing, the main advantages of outsourcing IT services are the reduction of the organization’s expenses for maintaining employees, servicing by highly qualified specialists and the quick implementation of projects.

In fact, there are plenty of companies that are involved in IT Outsourcing in London, IT Outsourcing in New York, IT Outsourcing in Chicago or IT Outsourcing in Los Angeles.

Our Digital Agency London is one of the best on the market in IT outsourcing. Our slogan is “We make your business successful”. We offer a wide range of services in IT Development and Digital Marketing, Games, Applications, Video and WEB Production.

We have branches in most important European and American cities. Our offices offer services in IT Outsourcing in London, IT Outsourcing in New York, IT Outsourcing in Chicago and IT Outsourcing in Los Angeles.

The success of our company worldwide is based on the understanding that sometimes, it is much more ergonomic and businesses – wise to hire IT specialists only for the period when you really need their services and when you have some urgent problems to solve. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most important principles of wikinomics, an emerging modern economic trend nowadays.

Quality IT Outsourcing

This principle is based on the fact that today it is more effective to hire specialists from outside of your own company since it is often not very profitable to maintain certain specialists on a pay list permanently, especially if you do not need their service on a daily basis.

  • Especially, it is extremely true in the case of various IT specialists. The fact is, that modern IT technologies have been developing too rapidly and it automatically means that the same person can hardly become a first-class specialist in many IT fields. Hence, to ensure the effective IT backup of your business, you’d need many differently specialized IT personnel.
  • Actually, it is a very time- and effort-consuming enterprise, looking for such a specialist by yourself. Our company can effectively fulfill this task for you. Our offices will offer you a full range of services in IT Outsourcing in London, IT Outsourcing in New York, IT Outsourcing in Chicago and IT Outsourcing in Los Angeles. We are looking forward to working with you!

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