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Marketing Agency Chicago offers its clients market research, with what ideally should begin work on any business project. Our agency Adrenaline Studios is working in the sphere of project management and digital marketing. An analysis of its results will help you competently form a promotion strategy and minimize possible risks even before the product is released to the market.

Advertising agencies have their advantages and disadvantages. Before you decide on hiring an advertising agency, you should understand what these advantages and disadvantages are, our strengths and weaknesses.

Most agencies have extensive experience in mobilizing and managing creative resources for solving specific problems. Agencies are trying to attract good artists to their staff who are happy to take the opportunity to realize their creative potential when fulfilling orders from various clients. Agencies manage to attract the best artists simply because they provide them with the opportunity to work on many different projects, and also because they provide them with regular employment.

  • Indeed, in order to use creative workers “under your roof”, you must have enough orders – otherwise, your staff will stand idle, which means big losses. Because agencies are able to provide their employees with regular jobs, they can afford to pay them better – another reason why these gifted people tend to settle down in advertising agencies, and not in the marketing departments of customer organizations.
  • Almost always, advertising agencies buy media services at a lower price than anyone else. This is simply a consequence of the fact that they are buying more advertising services for more customers. They enter this market more often and more quickly than their customers, establish contacts with the right people. They are well aware of the possibilities of advertising media and their level of accessibility, and, as a rule, they possess greater penetrating power, which allows them to bargain more successfully and bring down prices.

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  •  Clients usually do not want to believe that this is true for most agencies. There is often an erroneous opinion that the customer could save 15% of the cost of advertising media (commission fees that the agency takes) if he applied directly there. However, agencies have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to so far surpass individual advertisers in communicating with advertising media that 15% paid by them is more than compensated.
  • In addition, agencies are able to meet deadlines and know how to find the best and cheapest suppliers in the shortest time. As a rule, they do a pretty good job with production tasks.

Virtually every company is more or less involved in marketing research. It is difficult to imagine a manager or a marketer who absolutely does not collect information either about competitors or about the target audience. Such studies can hardly be called professional, but, nevertheless, based on them, a competent leader can easily make decisions based on experience and intuition.

However, in a situation where the wrong decision can cost the company too much, it is worthwhile to study the market more seriously. Alternatively, you can order a marketing research specialists.

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Marketing Agency in Chicago offers market research, conducted in the following cases:

  • entering new markets;
  • introduction of a new product;
  • rebranding;
  • the need to determine the price of products or services;
  • deciding on channels and product promotion methods;
  • formation of sales policy;
  • identification of consumer incentives.

Marketing Agency Chicago marketing research itself is just a collection of statistics. The main value for the head of the company is the conclusions that are drawn from them. Incorrect or inaccurate conclusions will direct all further actions along the wrong path, while competently analyzing the collected data will allow you to:

  1. explore the needs and preferences of the target audience;
  2. evaluate the market prospects of your products and services;
  3. evaluate and improve the effectiveness of promoting your products;
  4. determine your advantages and disadvantages compared to your competitors;
  5. develop an effective strategy to counter competitors;
  6. make more informed management decisions;

How is conducted Marketing Agency Chicago market research?

As part of the study, the following activities are conducted:

  • Market analysis: determining its size, capacity, and structure, segmentation, identifying the main players and their market shares, building development forecasts.
  • Research needs and preferences of consumers with the help of a survey, a survey.
  • Conducting a study of the effectiveness of staff work using the “secret customer” method.

After that, Marketing Agency in Chicago processes the obtained data, statistical analysis is carried out (average values, frequencies, correlation coefficients, etc. are calculated) On the basis of the obtained data, conclusions are drawn and recommendations are made on the formation of a further strategy to promote the product on the market.

Marketing Agency Chicago collects all the data, and this task is quite difficult to be done by the company itself. This applies, for example, telephone surveys and questionnaires, when it is necessary to ring a large number of people in a short time. In such a situation, the involvement of the outsourced contact center will help. Marketing Agency in Chicago performs a survey of potential customers, as well as act as “mystery shoppers” if there is a need to assess the performance of your staff.

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