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Advertising that appeared at the end of the 19th century was at first a method of promoting goods. After a hundred years, advertising has become not so much an engine of trade, but a way of influencing public opinion.

Advertising agencies are killing online advertising

No one will argue that banner advertising is losing ground. The statistics of many sites indicate that the CTR of banners has decreased on average by half over the past year, and the downward trend is only increasing.

To promote your company on the Internet, it’s not enough to create a convenient and functional website. It is extremely important to develop an effective marketing strategy, analyze the types of advertising on the Internet and choose the one that suits the goals of the company.

Choosing the type of advertising, planning the process of its display, developing a strategy to achieve your goals — all this is included in the concept of media planning. To create an effective media plan, you need to clearly understand who you are going to sell your product to and how to make the future customer see your message.

Media planning includes the selection of the type of advertising, the distribution channel, the timing of the advertising campaign, its cost and possible payment options, as well as forecasting effectiveness.

One of the most effective types of advertising today is considered online advertising. This market is characterized by stable growth. According to experts, from a five-year perspective, the Internet can become media No. 1.

Many experts say that people are of great importance in the field of marketing. Therefore, the most effective offline technique is considered buzz-marketing. The further work of the company largely depends on the feedback from real customers and the quality of the completed project.

The reputation of the advertising agency is created by its employees, and often clients do not go to the company, but a specific specialist. Based on this, the following conclusion — demonstrate the professionalism of your team, forms the image of experts.

The word “leader” has been and remains an effective and guaranteed method of attracting customers in the professional circle. Also, an expert can be one client for another, a representative of the media, any market participants who have established themselves in their field and have a certain weight in the eyes of the audience.

Another method is the so-called co-branding (a combination of some brands with one goal), and common projects of current and potential customers. This is a great opportunity for the agency to demonstrate itself as a reliable performer, get to know potential customers better and make new offers.

Keep in mind that even in the metropolitan area the community of marketers and advertisers is quite close. If once you managed to find yourself in the circle of large companies, then the action goes by itself.

That is why a lot of attention should be paid to the place of the brand in the professional community. However, great attention must be paid to the quality of work. Once you make a mistake, you can fall out of the circle of leaders in the sphere.

Take part in tenders! So the name of your company will gradually become recognizable, and there is a chance to show yourself from a strong point.

Online Promotion Methods by Digital Agency London

Of course, the agency’s website is the first and main method of self-presentation. If you cannot create a high-quality web resource through which you will effectively promote your services, then what can you do as an advertising agency in the eyes of customers?

That site will be a kind of “beacon” of your professionalism, thanks to it, you can immediately stand out among competitors.

We offer the following type of web resource — landing page (or landing page). Today it is an effective tool with which you can present any product/service/ brand, including an advertising agency.

Here are the features of a qualitative single page:

  • offer (call to action) — the user who visited the web resource must immediately understand what he is offered to do;
  • description of services — it is necessary to give an idea to the potential client what kind of product you are offering;
  • convenient navigation, high-quality usability — this includes the corresponding user orientation on a single page, the contrast of different sections for readability,
  • maintaining the balance of text/graphics, highlighting in large print headers and more;
  • presence of a lead form and a CTA-button — these elements are the links;
  • the presence of social evidence — reviews, certificates, expert opinions, the results of professional experiments.

If you have little experience in the organization of advertising campaigns on the Internet, it is better not to risk the budget and contact a specialized agency that will conduct marketing research, and develop an advertising campaign strategy.

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