Marketing Trends in 2019

Marketing Trends in 2019

Marketing Trends in 2019

The behavior of online users is constantly changing – how they react to advertisements, brands, products and how to make purchasing decisions. Marketers are forced to look for new opportunities and ways to attract an audience, to earn their trust and still be at the top. How do top SMOs plan to cope with this task in the new year and will 2019 be a year of radical changes in marketing?
There is still plenty of time to adjust plans and learn new things, so read our selection and determine what is important for your business and what you can start implementing right now.

People have long begun to understand how advertising works and have ceased to perceive it. This is proved by research. In 2015, Nielsen published the results of a survey that showed that most people trust:

people you know
official brand sites
editorial materials (articles, reviews)
Advertisements are at the very end of this list, and since then the situation has not changed. Marketers are preparing for the fact that next year more than 30% of Internet users will connect ad blockers. That is, your ad can not see a third of the target audience! Inbound marketing time is coming.
Short videos honorable take their place in video marketing. Studies of the behavior of Internet users have shown that not everyone can keep their attention on long videos, and interest begins to decline after 10 seconds of viewing.

For advertising, the attention of the audience is one of the important parameters for evaluating the effectiveness of the work done. Therefore, if you reduce the video with advertising to 10 seconds, you can bring information to 89% of people (see chart).

Even the largest American television channel Fox decided to switch to short videos. Now, promo TV shows and programs for YouTube will last no more than 6 seconds, although usually TV shows in video hosting last for about 20-30 seconds.

Chat bots are gaining popularity. According to analysts, by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be conducted through a chat bot. What is the plus? Yes, in fact, plenty of advantages. First of all, the chat bot provides communication with the client 24/7, and more or less simulates live communication.

Moreover, Facebook has promised that they will create a special algorithm, according to which more people will see your page if customers like to chat with a chat bot.

Not everyone is ready to talk with artificial intelligence, but do not worry. About 70% of online users claim that they like to chat with a chat bot, and another 9% reported having such a communication experience.

But the rules of this game will change somewhat. Social networks have been and remain the most popular services in the online environment. It would be impossible to cross them off our list. However, it is worth noting that the format of advertising is better to change.

Advertising with popular bloggers in social networks costs incredible money and, unfortunately, is not always effective as we would like.

Therefore, one of the trends in 2019, according to many, will be the transition from one advertising integration to long-term cooperation. Users quickly forget which brand advertised this or that star, but if they see it all the time, they will remember, love and want to buy. An example of this is the collaboration of Louis Vuitton and Selena Gomez, or Gal Gadot and Revlon.

We have already talked about the fact that people are accustomed to advertising and have learned to “crack it through”. If earlier it was possible to attract the attention of the audience by exaggeration, promotions, discounts, etc., now this approach to advertising has sunk into oblivion.

People need honesty and truth. So, most companies have stopped deleting negative reviews and save them with manager’s responses. Also, many brands began to openly admit that their product has some flaw or is not suitable for the entire audience.
Although advertising will become less effective, you should not abandon it altogether. There are still 70% of people who will watch the ad online.
This option can’t be called a totally new technology. However, we are definitely seeing a change in how they are used from a marketing point of view as from the perspective of marketing trends.

Have you seen chatbots when visiting websites? Clients are much easier to chat with chatbots online than send emails or call a representative.

The advantages of using chatbots:
Online support 24 hours;
The user receives an instant response;
The chatbot answers simple questions;
Simple communication;
Quick resolution of complaints;
Detailed and expert answers;
Friendly and affordable communication.

Implementing live chat provides better customer service and increases the likelihood of making a purchase on the site, through simple communication with your team.

Interactive content
It’s one of the marketing trends, which are of the highest demand for the last few years.
During video playback, users can view the entire area. For this is created a navigation button, which is situated in the upper left corner of the screen.
The idea behind interactive videos is to increase user engagement.
There is a high probability that people will finish watching a 360-degree video and you will get a higher return on your investment.

Have you heard of IGTV? This is a separate application owned and managed by Instagram.
Video content is played immediately after opening the application, similar to how the video would play if you turned on the TV in your home.
With the advent of IGTV, world-class marketing teams began to create more video content adapted for mobile resolution.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram
Paid advertising in social networks is not new, but the trends are definitely changing.
If you are currently using other social networking platforms to advertise, these new trends should be definitely taken into consideration.
This format is from start oriented on the target audience because first of all there are taken into consideration the basic needs of the audience.

Beacon Technology, or Beacon
If you have an e-commerce platform, you can place beacons in public places that are relevant to what your company offers. You can then send targeted push notifications when users of the application are in close proximity to these beacons.
Our company is working in the sphere of project management and digital marketing. 2019 is going to be great for marketing. New technologies and ease of access have made marketing more competitive than ever before. That’s why you must recognize the latest trends.

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