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A media agency is an advertising agency that plans and places advertising in the media (TV, radio, press, Internet, outdoor advertising, etc.). Media planning is done on data from research companies such as TNS, Romir, Gfk, Synovate Comcon, Ipsos.

The main services of media advertising agencies

The task of media agencies is to “deliver” a message to a specific audience for which the message was developed. Media agencies (or media agencies) are advertising agencies that provide planning and placement services for advertising campaigns in the mass media (QMS).

Media agencies can be “full cycle”, that is, they carry out the full range of services of the media component of an advertising campaign – from media research and development of media strategies to placing and evaluating the effectiveness of a specific advertising campaign in all QMS – or specialized. Specialized media agencies usually provide a limited set of media services or a full set of media services, but for certain QMS.

Services provided by media agencies include:

  • marketing and media research (analysis of competitors, analysis of the target audience, analysis of media consumption, analysis of the relationship of marketing and media parameters)
  • integrated communication planning
  • media planning (strategic and tactical)
  • negotiation with media partners
  • purchase of airtime and space (advertising campaigns) in the media
  • administration (budget control, contractual obligations, campaign implementation parameters) reporting on the campaign (monitoring, post-campaign)
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of the campaign (post-campaign)
  • econometric modeling of efficiency and other ways to evaluate the effect of a campaign
  • customer service

Depending on the client’s tasks and the specialization of the media agency, the client can work with one agent throughout the whole range of services, and distribute services among several agencies (for example, with the separation of planning and negotiation and procurement functions).

The media agency carries out media buying (buying advertising equipment from the owners of advertising spaces) in order to optimize the purchase price of advertising and negotiate discounts in terms of a specific media plan.

Media Agency is a company engaged in the planning of placement of advertising in the media (on TV, radio, outdoor advertising, the press, the Internet, etc.).

Media Agency in Los Angeles is a full-service media organization and the main components of our work are as follows:

  • Media Agency in London offers services in the development of commercials, ideas of the advance of a product on the market;
  • Media Agency in New York creates advertising for various communication channels and advertising media;
  • Media Agency in Chicago makes media planning, we make out advertising materials in various information sources, and also we are engaged in the organization of advertising spaces for our clients.

If your company is developing very dynamically and you are looking for the most comprehensive approach to the promotion of your product or service in the advertising market, then Media Agency in London is exactly what you need!

What our customers will get from our Digital Agency London:

Media Agency in New York will select advertising platforms and media channels for you. The main goal, which is the most effective advertising, will certainly be achieved. Media Agency in Los Angeles provides our clients with services in media advertising, design of advertising products, prepare various recommendations for our clients. Our professional experts will help you to choose the most suitable strategy for the future advertising campaign.

  • Media Agency in London also always conducts a full analytical audit and control of the results of work on a particular advertising campaign.
  • Media Agency in Los Angeles supports your advertising process at all stages. Our clients can be sure that the advertising strategy, which is developed for them by our competent specialists, will surely bring effective and expected results.

Work on your project is based on your wishes. For example, you can first contact the Media Agency in Chicago, which will help you to find and develop advertising ideas.

Once we have something to advertise and we know what kind of advertising should be, the time will come to determine the location of advertising. To do this, the Media Agency in New York uses strategic media planning, which allows us to provide a point of contact between your audience and advertising. So, we decide how your message will reach your potential client.

The cost of our media Agency services

While we do not know what you want to advertise and what tasks you want to solve, we can not speak about the cost. The main factors influencing the formation of the final price of our advertising services for customers consist of the following key points:

  • Period of the advertising campaign;
  • The quantity and quality of broadcast channels;
  • The cost and complexity of the advertising project;
  • The scope of your company.

And these are not all the factors that form the cost of our services.

Contact Media Agency in Chicago and send a request for cooperation with our company. Managers will contact you and you will discuss all the details.

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