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Mobile application development

We are Adrenaline Studios – a company for mobile application development business in London for iOS and Android to increase the loyalty of your customers, sell services, or organize processes within the company. A mobile application development company in London answers all requests.

The mobile app for business is the easiest way to always be close to customers, partners, or employees.

Mobile application development specializes in developing mobile business applications for the iOS and Android platforms. Mobile application development does not use designers or templates, each development is a unique product in terms of functionality and design, created specifically for your enterprise. Mobile application development creates applications for your customers and customers, as well as corporate applications for employees, mobile application development integrates with business processes and an accounting system that is already running at the enterprise.

Features of the development of mobile applications in Adrenaline Studios:

  • Transparent process control at every stage of development. Weekly progress presentation. Matching each iteration. Personal manager. A mobile application development company in London will answer all your questions.
  • Terms, payment, and the order of coordination – we select individually. The balance of functionality, timing, and investment. Mobile application development is divided into stages, and the next stage can begin when the start-up application already starts to bring the first results.
  • Extensive integration options. Effective synchronization with 1C, ERP, SAP payments, newsletters, and any other external components.
  • Support and maintenance after launching the application. Technical support, improvements, development of new functionality, the solution of asking ASO-promotion, and work with reviews – we are committed to long-term cooperation.

Publishing issues on Google Play and the App Store – we decide. Design formation of an application on marketplaces, taking into account all the requirements, passing moderation, solving complex issues during publication. Mobile application development companies in London are the best choice!

Use apps!

  • Applications can be used anytime, anywhere, wherever the user is and can transfer your information and services right there.
  • Using the application is becoming more convenient thanks to new work options such as multi-touch, voice control, etc.
  • Mobile application development can access the hardware components of a smartphone (GPS, camera, motion sensor) and, in combination with software, offer unique added value.
  • Applications can also be used offline, i.e. Your customers can access your content even without an internet connection.
  • Mobile application development can be sold through their respective vendor trading platforms (e.g. Apple Appstore).

Various sales models are offered: on the one hand, the application can be purchased, on the other hand, its content can become a purchased product using the so-called “in-app purchases”.

Mobile application development helps you understand your customers and their specific context of use, as well as develop the right strategy based on the requirements received.

Mobile application development finds solutions in which people are the focus of attention, and devices and market features are taken into account. Mobile application development companies in London give great opportunities for your business!

What is pre-design analytics?

Pre-project analytics is the process of forming the structure of the application. Why is this important to do? The fact is that ignorance of the goals, objectives, and future audience of the application can lead to fatal problems at the development stage. Without analytics, the functions laid down in the original idea may be duplicated, not meet the capabilities, or simply not be needed by users. The budget will be spent, and expectations are not met. A mobile application development company in London knows everything about how to create a business.

The analytics phase allows you to solve these problems at the very beginning, thereby reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of the mobile application development phase.

A prerequisite for setting a goal is compliance with SMART criteria. When developing an application, we must understand who will use it. By concentrating on a specific audience, we begin to better understand their tasks and needs. Mobile application development companies in London can give you new opportunities!

Competitive Analysis of competitors allows you to find similar products, decompose their strengths and weaknesses, compare among themselves, and create the foundation for developing the best solution on the market.

Cost of mobile application development

To predict the cost of development, you need to consider many factors: the number of functions, screens, integrations, platforms and much more. The results of pre-project analytics allow you to get an estimate with an accuracy of 15-20% and to predict the project economy at an early stage. A mobile application development company in London does everything for the customer.

A new level in mobile app development

The mobile application development for iOS and Android is the most important stage in the development of any company, which allows you to attract and retain new customers, increase sales, and organize your business. So that the development of mobile applications in London could not only expand your audience but also give the expected financial result, you should only contact trusted specialists.
So, why does the business need mobile applications when the main audience can find and buy the product of interest on your site?

Today, more and more people are eager to order goods and services from a smartphone, which means that for the effective development of a business it is not enough to create websites and promote in search engines. In just a couple of minutes, using a small gadget, you can purchase almost everything from a plane ticket to dry cleaning services. Therefore, for the quality growth of sales, it is necessary to achieve a new bar and make sure that the latest information about you is always at your fingertips.

Three stages of any business going online:

  • Website launch;
  • Website adaptation for a mobile device (mobile application development);
  • Mobile app release.

It makes no sense to compare the mobile version of the site and the application – the second option is the leader in terms of breadth of capabilities, the responsiveness of the interface, and ease of use. Moreover, mobile application development can work without constant access to the Internet.

Mobile application development optimization of the structure for comfortable navigation allows you to find the right information in a matter of seconds. For maximum convenience, the application uses the functions of a smartphone: location, calls, push notifications, camera, etc.

From concept to delivery in a short time

With the help of mobile application development, you can transform your company in many areas: interaction with customers, management of business partners and the supply chain, as well as internal processes, can be made more efficient and paperless using your own applications. But how can companies take the first step towards their own mobile application without a large upfront investment in employee training and technology?

Using the Adrenaline Studios platform, employees of all departments of the company can create and adapt mobile application development themselves. Intuitive drag and drop tools, wizards, and ready-made forms help with this.

Open APIs, quick one-click provisioning, and seamless connectivity to legacy systems dramatically accelerate conceptual design, application creation and implementation, and department requirements are implemented as fast as never before.

Customer service

Mobile applications have become indispensable in communicating with customers. The Apple App Store offers over 1.2 million apps, over 75 billion downloads, and gets 300 million views every week. And that’s not all – with Google Play, Android users can choose from almost 1.5 million applications.

Innovative companies such as Uber and Airbnb even base their business model solely on applications and, thus, use the ubiquitous network devices for themselves – and thus the Internet of Things.

Today, everything is available on smartphones: location services, high-speed streaming, and social networks.

If these technologies are used innovatively through mobile applications, they can fundamentally change entire industries.

This means that mobile applications for customers can no longer be used not only as simple platforms for delivering content but also as a mobile gateway for your company – and your customers will perceive you in a completely different way.

Using an integrated platform such as Adrenaline Studios, you can create applications that exchange valuable data with your CRM system – for example, marketing applications for specific campaigns or mobile applications for multi-channel customer service.

What are the benefits of mobile app development?

Mobile applications are installed by customers who are initially interested in the products or services of a particular company. Using the program, they learn about promotions, special offers, or the arrival of new products.

Mobile application development allows you to always be “on a short foot” with a regular customer. Professional mobile application development in London is carried out taking into account information optimization for a small screen and gives the most comfortable navigation.

The main rule is the availability of information. The Adrenaline Studios mobile application development team knows all about creating convenient mobile application development programs that bring real profit.

What do you need to know about cross-platform mobile application development?

At the initial stage, we spend most of our time communicating with the customer, discuss the upcoming project, find out about your expectations, the tasks assigned to the site, analyze competitors and evaluate ready-made solutions in the market. Next, we need a pause of 1-2 days, during which a prototype is created – a schematic sketch of the program with the location of the main elements.

The next stage, which takes 2-3 days, is the development of the layout of the final product, refinement of details, selection of design, demonstration of capabilities.

After agreeing on the layout, our specialists are engaged in layout, programming, testing, and launching the program for 40 days.

After installing the mobile application, your icon appears on the main desktop of the smartphone. Now, to access the necessary information about the company, just one click on the screen.

Start your business mobile application development with Adrenaline Studios, and we will create the best opportunity for you to grow your regular customers! The company is based in London, but the mobile application development is ordered from customers throughout the UK, we use modern means of communication, debugging, and optimizing the processes of project activities.

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