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Mobile Application Development Company in London specializes in developing software for various business areas. Mobile Application Development Company in London has experience in building complex integrated systems to meet the business needs of its clients around the world, as well as innovative marketing tools. Mobile Application Development Company in London specialization is the creation of mobile applications for Android, iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod) and other platforms, the creation of websites, server solutions, cloud technologies.

The mobile application market continues to beat the already impressive records. According to the analyst firm App Annie, the number of downloads on the App Store and Google Play in the first quarter of 2018 was $ 27.5 billion, and the amount spent by application users was $ 18.4 billion. Compared to the same period of 2017, the figures increased by 10 and 22%, respectively.

In such conditions, progressive startups build their business from the very beginning based on mobile technologies. For companies that have long been on the market, the lack of an application often results in a loss of customer loyalty and a lag in competition.

If “to develop or not to develop” is no longer a question, then with the cost of creating an application, everything is not so simple. It seems to many that the development of mobile applications is a trifling matter for which a modest five-digit amount is enough. But if an application means something more complicated than a banal calculator, the cost will be one or two orders of magnitude higher. Let us explain why.

It takes hundreds of hours to work in our Digital Agency London

We have already said that in the most general form, the cost of creating an application can be calculated using a simple formula: the number of development hours multiplied by the cost per hour of a specialist’s work.

The time of working on a project is affected by many factors – from the list of devices on which your product should be launched to a specific set of functions. The main criterion is the complexity of the application structure. Particularly time-consuming tasks include the presence of a third-party API, the need to use the server, non-standard controls, the use of animation in the interface, data storage issues and the ability to work offline.

Even the simplest application, which focuses only on one platform, does not imply server-side and other labor-intensive components, it is unlikely that it can be created in less than 300 hours.

One of the difficulties is that you need to take into account the different versions of the operating system and the size of the screens of the gadgets. This is especially true of applications for Android – they are more complicated than options for iOS because there are a huge number of devices with different technical characteristics on the market. As a rule, they quickly cease to be updated, so you have to deal simultaneously with a lot of software versions.

Who should pay attention to this possibility

  • Young startups. It’s a great idea for the beginning of new business;
  • Digital agencies. Mobile Application Development Company in Los Angeles offers great possibilities for cooperation;
  • Small and medium businesses. Increase in sales, increase in loyalty of audience, increase in the number of regular customers;
  • Large corporations. Mobile Application Development Company in Los Angeles offers them production automation systems and technically sophisticated marketing tools.

Mobile Application Development Company in New York and its benefits:

  • A large number of technologies allows us to have a flexible pricing system and find everyone a unique offer;
  • Warranty on all work;
  • Transparency, Monitoring the development stages throughout the entire project;
  • Keeping all financial and technical documentation;
  • Development by Scrum, Agile methodology;
  • Mobile Application Development Company in New York works with the Design and Development Team.

Mobile Application Development Company in New York offers its customers:

  • The analysis is very important. Mobile Application Development Company in Los Angeles with the help of it guaranteed that many risks would be avoided. It will help to understand the target audience, the needs, and values of future users, in everything, without which a good application cannot be done;
  • Mobile Application Development Company in Chicago includes a prototype of the application. Because the cost of mistakes at the stage of prototyping is minimal, and the availability of a high-quality, well-developed prototype avoids misunderstanding and blunders, gives a clear understanding of the final result and speeds up work at all other stages;
  • Technical task. Mobile Application Development Company in Chicago is always carried out with it. The most important document in the development is the TK (technical task). According to this document, delving into every little thing, programmers are working. The development time of an application for Android or iOS is long, the amount of work is large, and if you forgot to write something in TK, then most likely it will not be done. Therefore, this document should be paying special attention. Mobile Application Development Company in Chicago would be done professionally according to these points.

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