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PR Agency - Adrenaline Studios

PR Agency – Adrenaline Studios

In order to maximize the effective investment of funds in an advertising campaign and achieve its goals, we offer you the development of a professional strategy and tactics for promoting the turnkey. PR Agency – Adrenaline Studios

PR promotion

The PR service can be implemented either as a one-time project aimed at solving a short-term task – conducting a creative PR action, partnership or press events, or in a complex way – to build a solid positive reputation that is a powerful business engine.

Intracorporate PR

The main carrier of information about the company is its employees. Our agency will help to form and strengthen intra-corporate communications with the help of advertising technologies and PR-tools aimed at company employees. Strengthening the image and position in the company in the eyes of staff and business partners, creating and maintaining corporate culture, values ​​and building a motivation system are the tools we are ready to implement to increase the efficiency of your business.

PR audit

Analysis of the effectiveness of the marketing activities of the company will allow you to assess the current state of marketing communications, its compliance with the chosen strategy and the expectations of your customers, as well as to assess the potential development of the marketing system to increase sales efficiency.

Anti-crisis PR

A crisis situation requires a very fast and accurate response. PR Agency – Adrenaline Studios has a wealth of experience in crisis management, so we are ready in a short time and with maximum efficiency to join your project. We know how to level and unfold the situation, minimize losses, strengthen positions to maximize the reduction of repeat risks in the future. Our credo is responsibility for the result.

Political and Personal PR

The reputation of the leader significantly affects the reputation of the company or government agency, since, as a rule, people see their representative behind the party or brand. Our agency PR Agency – Adrenaline Studios has a wealth of experience in the promotion of top managers, political parties, heads of regional administrations and politicians.

Creative and production

Our regular work is the creation of fresh ideas for the correct positioning of your business. Branding, unique design of printed materials and outdoor advertising, bright web design, writing slogans and texts, developing scenarios for various events, non-standard exclusive solutions, production of business printing and representative products, development of corporate social responsibility programs – we create this so that your Brand “sunk” in the soul of the client and brought you an increase in revenue.

SMM and blogging

Promoting a brand online, using social media and keeping your blogs, creating and posting information on news and profile resources, building interaction with top bloggers, working with reviews and creating loyalty between consumers and your brand is a great opportunity not to get lost in the Internet, attract additional target audience and increase company awareness.

Event & promo

Any event is a profitable reason to differ from others and to be remembered by clients. Competent marketing policy of PR Agency – Adrenaline Studios using presentations, concerts, socially-oriented activities, exhibitions, conferences, sales promotion programs and loyalty programs, event sponsorship, and other event marketing tools help maximize audience contact with the product and promote the product without the monotony of traditional advertising.

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