Public Relations in Marketing

Public Relations in Marketing

Public Relations in Marketing

In the modern World, an increasing number of organizations are aware of their direct dependence on society and the need to build friendly relations with members of the general public. The transition of the economy to market rails set new challenges and demanded a new approach from entrepreneurs to the principles of doing business as a whole. For this reason, the problem of professional marketing organization with regard to interaction with the public has come to the fore for many organizations. Our agency is ready to provide public relations in marketing  for it’s clients.

The direct link between marketing and public relations lies in the fact that it is PR mechanisms that are the engine of the product promotion process, ensuring the success of the company, high reputation in the face of fierce competition.

And although the goal of a modern company is to increase sales, this does not exclude the need to use PR tools to take into account the interests of consumers and their behavior. Consumer behavior is studied jointly by marketers and PR specialists.

It is important for them to timely determine future consumer behavior scenarios, find the image of the company in five to ten years, its future market niche, taking into account social factors (personal, psychological, determining consumer motivation, its selectivity), and cultural order. with a selection of values, preferences of the individual (consumer). The care and duty of the PR service as a generator of production goals is to first of all study consumer needs, find out exactly which products attract him. Analysis of consumer behavior with the release of numerous consumer reactions to the product, price, methods of distribution, promotion and promotion – the main objective function of a PR-specialist.

Public relations are integrated technologies that unite the market, marketing strategies, the interests of the company and customers in an organic whole by attracting extensive factual material for all participants in marketing activities.

The main functions of PR in marketing include:

  • public opinion assessment;
  • illustration of news releases about new products entering the market;
  • organization of motivation programs for relations with consumer institutions;
  • development of forms and methods to stimulate the promotion of corporate products and services;
  • media coverage of special PR-actions, trade events, exhibitions, fairs;
  • preparation of public speeches of company specialists;
  • creating a favorable image.

The importance of using PR in marketing is confirmed by the fact that it is public relations that serves as an efficient mechanism and an effective assistant in overcoming the problems of the complex movement of goods from the manufacturer to the final consumer.

You should pay attention to the fact that, although PR carries all the signs of advertising, there is an invisible and subtle difference from advertising. Public relations are not associated with the immediate sale of goods and services. He uses long-range advertising, deferred purchase, prepares to purchase potential customers. As a result, during the advertising campaigns, the seller of a product or service pays all the total costs, and when organizing a PR campaign, specialists strive to ensure that information coming from the client is placed solely due to its relevance both to the journalists themselves and to readers, listeners, and viewers.

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