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What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Optimization) is a comprehensive development and promotion of a website to reach the first positions in search engine results (SERPs) for selected queries in order to increase traffic and further generate income.

Website optimization or how does it work?

Search engines are constantly striving to improve the quality of the search results, so it is necessary to promote the Internet resource in a comprehensive manner. This is working with the technical side, content as a decisive factor, convenience, usability, correct display on various devices and attraction of natural links.

The work is divided into two subtypes: internal and external optimization.

Internal optimization

Actions on internal optimization improve the site and have a direct impact on its site position. The works are divided into:

  • compilation of a semantic core (selection of keywords for which the resource is planned to be promoted);
  • improvement of the internal structure of the resource (CNC, Robots.txt, sitemap);
  • elimination of technical errors (duplicate pages, broken links, increasing the site loading speed);
  • continuous improvement of the usability of the resource (convenience for users);
  • increasing the relevance of pages (compliance with the user’s request);
  • optimization of images;
  • implementation of internal linking.

Internal optimization is the most time consuming work, it must be done constantly. The success of your project depends on internal optimization as a whole.

The site should be of high quality, fast, user-friendly and fully provide the information for which they came to you.

External optimization

External optimization – this is building up the link mass, i.e. getting links to your site from other resources.

In the context of tougher struggle of search engines with links, the main problem is the selection of a good donor site. The best result is given by links from trust thematic non-spam sites.

In the process of external optimization, a list of “donors” is formed, the texts of links and the near-link environment are developed, after which they are placed.

To build a natural and high-quality link mass, use link acquisition methods that do not contradict the rules, for example,

  • constant publication of new information and interesting materials that users will share;
  • registration in search engines and catalogs;
  • exchange links with popular and high-quality resources;
  • placement of press releases;
  • activity on forums and blogs.

The optimization process also includes competitive analysis, which allows you to understand what the site lacks for growth.

Optimization types

SEO specialists conditionally divide optimization methods into white, gray and black, depending on whether the rules of the search engines are followed. Any of the methods involves the use of techniques that directly or indirectly affect the work of robots.

White optimization – work on the resource without using officially prohibited promotion methods that could affect search algorithms.

Gray methodsare not officially prohibited, but their use can be regarded as an unnatural overstatement of popularity. Some search engines block these sites.

TO black optimization includes methods that are contrary to the rules. The risk of falling under the filters and sanctions of search engines is very high.

Any SEO involves the use of techniques that directly or indirectly affect the work of robots. However, “white” SEOs and marketers do not break the rules of the game. They follow the search engine recommendations for building good websites and optimizing them. The information is presented in the public domain in Yandex. Help and Google Search Console Help Center…

Comparison – SEO and PPC advertising

You can promote sites on the Internet in order to increase traffic to the resource in different ways, for example, using contextual media advertising, or social networks, PR activities, crowd marketing. The choice of promotion method depends on the type of project, goals and budget of the owner. But SEO is rightfully considered the basis of promotion.

Traditionally, search engine optimization is the most reliable and promising method. Since in the process of work the site is comprehensively developing and improving. If a site is ranked high for a popular keyword, new visitors will constantly come to it. Organic traffic, as practice shows, is the most converting. Investing in SEO will definitely pay off.

Let’s compare SEO to its main competitor, contextual advertising (PPC).

In fact, SEO and PPC address different goals. Their joint use gives a synergistic effect: it increases visibility due to behavioral factors, allows you to quickly resist negative information background and manage your reputation, test changes, identify the most conversion keywords, level the seasonal decline in sales, and much more. As a result, SEO is used as the main method of attracting targeted traffic, and all the others are used as supporting, secondary ones.

SEO – This is the main way to drive traffic to the site, existing since the creation of search engines. The claims that it will disappear began to appear at the beginning of its development – since 1997. However, at every stage of its existence, SEO is changing, adjusting to new ranking algorithms, filters and factors. Search engine optimization will be in demand as long as people are looking for information on the web.

If you wish, you can independently immerse yourself in the study of the rules of search engines and Internet marketing. Keep track of the latest news and industry trends, constantly update your knowledge. But, if you do not have time for this, the SEO.RU team is always ready to offer high-quality assistance. SEO promotion price starts per month depending on the selected tariff plan.

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