SEO Marketing Trends in 2019

SEO Marketing Trends in 2019

SEO Marketing Trends in 2019

Every year everyone discusses the trends for the next year. Modern SEO is no longer about technical optimization. This is more about business marketing. Today, the optimizer must not only insert keys into the text but also look for the reason why the user does not solve his problem on the website being promoted. A good SEO is more marketer today than some professional marketers.

In 2019, the position of the site in the issuance depends on the choice of users. The search only responds to their actions and gives traffic to those who solve the problem of visitors better. You should choose SEOstrategies in advance. Therefore, it is best to learn a bit more about the main SEO marketing trends and carefully develop your strategy considering them.


Page speed

Before, only technical parameters were important (for the site). Now, both optimization and speed (which is new) are considered The first allows you to control the boot time and fix problems on time. The second one shows how fast the site loads for different users. Soon, both of these indicators will significantly affect ranking.


Brand as a ranking signal

There are 2 ways of using a certain brand as a signal of ranking. Thanks to mentioning a brand on other resources, the search engine finds out that it exists. By further analyzing the references, Google gets a better idea of ​​your role in a particular area. The context of each reference matters ads, reputation,  problem-solving, etc. Thanks to the context, Google learns to distinguish good stuff from the bad one


Data Protection

It also belongs to new SEO marketing trends: it is already adopted in the EU. Now users can request what personal data the company collects, they can also ask it to correct it or upload it. If the company does not comply with the rules, it can receive serious fines. As a result, Google decided to change certain things. After 26 months from the moment of the data collection, it can be deleted. In addition, each site owner can change this period. In addition, you can now delete the data of individual users upon their request.


Using different search engines

Although Google is the top one here, SEO marketing trends offer to use other search engines like Amazon and Apple. SEO specialists believe that the App store has a brilliant future.


Quality not quantity

Those, who contacted Adrenaline Studios, know that its specialists offer only the best-quality services. More attention is paid to links. Now, the content will be controlled more thoroughly, and all the suspicions stuff will be deleted.


Voice search

When we pronounce something, we do it faster than we type the same stuff. Therefore, voice search is gaining its popularity at great speed. The key words of this search are shorter. You can ask any possible questions as well and get the fastest results.


Structured content and data

The data which is already structured makes the search faster. Therefore, this fact is considered as well and the trend is used.

Nevertheless, the main trend today is quality content. The opportunities for users are expanding: marketplaces appear, you can buy almost anything staying home, the Internet speed and coverage are improved, etc. In 2019, but the skills of SEO specialists will require more knowledge in the areas of marketing, analytics, and usability.

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