Social Marketing Trends in 2019

Brand promotion on the Internet is not a new method to increase the sales of a certain product and/or service. However, some social marketing trends in 2019 are pretty new. Here are only a few, the most popular of them.

It is not at all surprising to see content-marketing the king of our mountain since he was in the first position for the last three years (this is how we conduct this survey). Content is the basis for creating user engagement, which feeds all digital communications from search, social. media, email marketing before the final conversion on the selling sites.

A little more surprising is that Big Data is in second place. I think this is because marketers are aware of the potential of using data as, as we call it, “active insight”. To help you choose a data analysis technique, in some surveys we have revealed this term in the form of several more detailed concepts.

“Big Data” is a very vague term, but when we opened it with specific techniques of retrospective analysis and predictive analytics, the value of each specific BigData marketing technique became clear and it helped to understand why it is on the second line of our rating. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are in the third position. We added this item to the survey this year and it immediately came in third place. In the eighth trend of this article, we will show how different artificial intelligence techniques can be applied to different stages of a customer’s life cycle.

Here is a complete list of digital marketing techniques: Big Data Content marketing Increasing conversion Advertisements (banners, advertising networks of social networks using retargeting) Internet of things (applied to marketing) Marketing automation tools Marketing on mobile devices Context advertising PR on the Internet (including opinion leaders) Partnerships, including affiliates and co-marketing SEO Wearable devices (Apple Watch, augmented reality glasses, pedometers, etc.)

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Promotion in various social networks with Digital Agency London

To promote a modern brand and to offer it to the largest audience, you must work with different social networks. It will be cool if an article about your company on one site has a link which will bring you to another site, also devoted to your business, brand, services, etc.

Ads price growth

It has become already evident that business has been “transited” in social nets. However, now, the usage of a single web site and its contextual ads is not really enough. You should constantly communicate with your audience everywhere you can (websites are meant, surely). Accordingly, the owners and administration of these sites also understand this trend. Therefore, the demand for advertising there increases the price of ads.

Video content volume growth

Video has become an excellent tool for telling the audience the important stuff. I many cases, the video can easily replace text information. It is always interesting, spectacular, and modern: those ones, who watch it, can do it just for relaxation. Doing it, they get information about the brands advertised. Live streams are among the social marketing trends today. They work here perfectly and have the following advantages:

  • They are always informative and useful;
  • They tell about new things;
  • They discover the best facets of your company.

Such video content is more trusted as it is broadcast in real-time

Mobile apps usage

Today, people must comfortably get any information about your company not only when they open their laptops, but when they use mobile devices — anywhere. Mobile apps let them do it.

Longreads popularity

It is one of the newest social marketing trends. If before, people believed that the information and posts about a product, a company, services, etc. should be brief, now, everything has changed. Long, detailed articles are more popular. People are focused on high-quality and informative content, which they can get anytime and anywhere, just relaxing when reading the content they like.

Native ads

The ideal, “perfect” ads are not the ones, which seem to be useful, but which are useful in reality. It means that when a person sees it, he must not feel that somebody advertises something for him. How to do it? Share the most curious, useful, unusual information with the audience. In case you sell shoes, reveal a few secrets about caring for leather. When you promote, let us say, some grocery brands, tell people about unusual recipes. When showing some clothes, give them practical advice on choosing a certain dress or a T-shirt.

In reality, it is a very time-taking process to consider all social marketing trends and use them to popularize your business, company or brand. Better use the services of Adrenaline Studios: its professionals will do all this work for you on time.

As you see, the main trend of social marketing in 2019, is the “humanization” of both content and work methods. Aggressive direct ads do not work stops acting. A modern man is a person who values ​​his time and buys only what he trusts. Therefore, marketing becomes more “socialized”.

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