Top 10 Branding Companies in UK

Steps to successful branding from leading Branding Companies in the UK. Agency Collective members shared their views on what brands need to do to succeed.

Target investment

Juliet Haygart, Director of Brothers and Sisters

The secret of major global brands is that they know what, why, and how. Understanding a specific goal will allow ideas to find real ground for implementation. So you will know your customer – how he lives and what he needs to satisfy his desires. Invest in local research and personal negotiations, constantly communicate with your audience and do not forget that you have people and not brainless cars in front of you. Brands should always invest part of the budget in something valuable and useful, and not just create an advertising buzz around the product.

Work for the long term with Digital Agency London

Deacon Webster, Chief Creative Officer at Walrus

All companies strive to reach the widest possible audience, so today they are actively creating pages on social networks, microblogging accounts, channels on YouTube, etc. However, this does not always work successfully, even for those brands that are always heard. You need to carefully monitor the development of the page: how many likes, comments and feedback from published posts, how often new people subscribe. Every day we look at the news feed several times, so you need to think carefully when to publish the news, with what frequency and how to make the consumer pay attention to the product.

The use of media technology

Justin Cox, Strategic Planning Director at Pereira & O “Dell

The interest of companies in digital media is justified, but, as we know, this does not work on its own. As a result, the media plan is a traditional mixture of offline and online advertising with a small amount of money left on new technologies. Marketers should take the lead from technology companies. The success of their branding is to adapt, improve and update the product in real-time. Concerning marketing, those brands that allocate part of the budget for innovative technologies (media attribution, monitoring social media) have the opportunity to respond in time to trends in consumer behavior and respond to pressure from competitors. The more often brands work in real-time, the more relevant they will be for people.

NFC and AR experiments

Steve Childwatch, Executive Vice President, Draftfcb

In the excessive enthusiasm for digital news, advertising agencies completely forget about retail, which remains poorly understood.

Developing the Right Strategy

Dan Gregson, Director of Beattie McGuinness Bungay

Now the main task is to combine social, content and commercial aspects in the most effective way. If we take into account that by 2016 there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people on the planet, you can imagine how much work will be presented to marketers. The main task is to learn how to manage it. Marketing and advertising are changing, but multi-channel tactics and strategies continue to grow. The form of implementation is always different, but the content remains the same – this is the value of those ideas that connect the product with the consumer.

Digital and environmental integration

Eric Rogstad, AKQA Director

While new technologies are developing rapidly, ecologists sound the alarm. Successful brands make it clear to the audience that their product protects the environment and causes it minimal harm. Environmental goals not only affect the company’s reputation but can also become a major factor in choosing a “careful” brand. True, the environmental argument is a rather risky decision, because it is not always the buyer who wants to pay over the norm for this reason.

Do not be a brand. Be a religion. Awaken the consciousness of people from the lethargic sleep of everyday life and encourage them to accomplish. Lead, write covenants and punish infidels;
In an era of general indifference and technological parity, positioning is not a marketing strategy, but an urgent need. Imagine that you are traveling with the consumer of your brand in an elevator. What will you tell him? What will he remember after talking with you? No one asks you to be a purple cow, but it would be nice to have such a pitch for the client, even if you are not involved in sales.

A brand is media. Even if you don’t have an account on the social network with tens of thousands of subscribers. After all, the lack of communication is also communication. And the main challenge of today is what your brand says. There is no brand Coldrex, Volvo or Martini, there is a team responsible for the perception of this word by the target audience. Think of yourself and do something new. Gain experience that will help you rethink how you work and your customers. Whatever corporation you work in, no one will think about your development excepting you.

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