Top 10 Digital Advertising Agencies in 2019

Top 10 Digital Advertising Agencies in 2019

Top 10 Digital Advertising Agencies in 2019

The active development of digital technologies in advertising has become a challenge for classic offline channels. Marketing digital-tools are attractive by many parameters: the ability to fairly accurately track their effectiveness, the ability to create personalized offers and many others. Digital technologies do not stand still, but dynamically developing, changing all spheres of human life.

The penetration of interactive technologies into the sphere of marketing and sales technologies has changed the approach to advertising and provided unlimited opportunities for targeted and personalized communication with the client. The use of interactive advertising in the design of retail outlets can significantly increase sales. Today, digital advertising agencies like Adrenaline Studious have become very popular.

Digital advertising includes various applications, online games, interactive videos, polls, and other methods of interaction between brands and their customers. The main goal for companies is to engage the user in their world, grab their attention, bring marketing information to the client during the game and encourage them to tell their friends about it.


The main tools of digital advertising agencies

Today, digital advertising agencies (the list of top 10 of them you will find below) use various methods and tools in their work.


Interactive showcase

This is a combination of visual and audio effects in the design of windows. The visitor can interact with it. Such a showcase combines all the advantages of standard video screens and provides ample opportunities for involving people who pass by in direct contact. They can test games that strengthen the emotional connection with the brand, for instance. Large supermarkets, specialized stores, banks, and other institutions use them.


Interactive projection with 3D technology

This is modern art used by digital advertising agencies. You can project an image and a video onto any surface, including the ability to change of image depending on the movements of the client.


Interactive promoter

This is an electronic device that repeats the contours of a person on which the video is projected. The technology allows you to create a sense of the presence of a real person and engage the listener. To interact with the client, the virtual promoter can be equipped with a touch screen or a tablet on which the client can select questions and the promoter will answer them.


Interactive video wall

In this design, you can implement the interaction on the wave of your hands or on the management from the tablet, where customers can choose the options that interest them.


Touch racks and tables

These are devices with a touch surface for interaction, which help to get any information about services and products, play a game or go online. For instance, in a restaurant, you can set the menu with detailed information about the dishes with photos, animation or even video on them.


Digital screens

This is a c complex of video panels and software that allows you to play the most eye-catching, constantly changing content, create schedules of shows, and manage the transfer of content over the Web. Such devices are relevant to many businesses. Digital video screens provide an opportunity to draw the attention of customers in the store, to interest them in the purchase and to encourage them to come back again.


Top 10 digital advertising agencies in 2019

According to the rating of the digital advertising agencies, the following ones were called the best organizations:

  1. WebFX (Harrisburg, PA);
  2. Wpromote (El Segundo, CA);
  3. BusinessOnline (San Diego, CA)
  4. Pole Position Marketing (Uniontown, OH);
  5. Divigate (London);
  6. Komarketing (Boston, MA);
  7. Location3 (Denver, CO);
  8. 1SEO Digital Agency (Bristol, PA);
  9. Promodo (Lincoln);
  10. Stryde (Draper, UT).
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