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The Internet has revolutionized the exchange of information. Today, digital marketing agencies can instantly contact their potential customers from around the world and interest them in their offer. At the same time, the Internet has also created equal conditions for everyone. In other words, any business, regardless of its nature and size, can not only compete with large companies but also has the ability to change the dynamics of the market. To defeat competitors, top agencies that use digital marketing (like Adrenaline Studios) invent new tactics that help them to be better than their competitors.

Most often, the concept of digital marketing is confused with Internet marketing. It is not surprising, because digital marketing is characterized by close interweaving with Internet marketing. This misunderstanding is even logical since the “digital” includes all the tools of conventional Internet marketing.

But the important difference is that digital goes beyond only online advertising and uses digital channels that are not always related to the Internet, corny:

  • TV advertising (digital channels only)
  • Applications
  • SMS mailing
  • “The second screen”

After this paragraph, you might think that digital is just “all marketing,” however, it is not. In this case, we do not use traditional marketing channels. We use only digital channels. Do you ask what is the fundamental difference? She is not always on the surface.

Well, for example, what is the difference between TV advertising and digital TV advertising? “What are you playing some game here for me?” – There may be a logical question from the reader of this article. Digital channels differ from traditional ones in that we can collect clear, objective and relevant data. And in modern realities, the ability to “give the client clear and clear numbers” is vital for companies that provide services.

Combing digital technologies and marketing with Digital Agency London

The concept of marketing has changed over the years. You no longer allow yourself to advertise your products endlessly without increasing value for customers. Customers’ expectations have changed as well. They love brands that offer the best value for money and expect a quick response. They can find many offers with just a few mouse clicks.

Thus, those, who come to digital marketing agencies, wait that their specialists will do everything to attract attention to their products using digital TV, 3D graphics, interactive shop windows, etc. But this is not enough. We live in a society when a person cannot concentrate on one thing for long: everything is changing too fast. When customers are ready to buy your products, they may become distracted and refuse to buy from you.

Also, your competitors can charm them by offering great discounts and using better digital technologies, something new and very unusual. Therefore, the agency specialists must have a reliable strategy for attracting, engaging, selling and serving customers.

 The working principles of the best digital agencies

They include many different things that may seem to people too simple and obvious but they work.


Speaking with the client, these specialists do not use complex terminology and assume an important view. They speak in simple language explaining what tools they use, how long and with what result they will solve the problem of their client.

Quickly answers

The agency professionals are well aware that time is precious, so a personal manager works with each client. Their experts are in touch 24/7 answering all questions very quickly.

Transparent reports

Every week (or even often: it depends on the volume of work) the client receives a clear and reliable report on the work done, with an analysis of the work done and recommendations for further development. The company, which is the top one, always confirms the achievement of the results with numbers.

Keeping deadlines

Top digital marketing agencies always keep the deadline for the project.

Bright advertisements

The large experience of these agencies says that creative solutions work better. Therefore, they create individual and interesting advertising. Here, the task is to attract potential customers and increase the client’s sales.

Working on result

The best agency’s main landmark is the coordination of the goals and objectives of the client. They make every effort to achieve the best result.

 10 digital marketing agencies

Here are the agencies that offer services of digital marketing, which come to the top-list of these companies.

  1. Location3 (Denver, CO);
  2. Perfect Search Media (Chicago, IL);
  3. Digivate (London, UK);
  4. Stryde (Utah, USA);
  5. Leverage Marketing (Texas, USA);
  6. 7.97th Floor (LA, CA);
  7. Wpromote (LA, CA);
  8. KoMarketing (Boston);
  9. Promodo (UK, USA);
  10. BusinessOnline (USA).

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