Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2019

Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2019

Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2019

Today, some people confuse digital marketing with Internet marketing, and e-commerce, or even consider that this is the usual automation of business processes, simply in some other, digital form. Therefore, it is something different. This type of marketing (Adrenaline Studios deals with it), is not only an attraction of the customers through the Internet, but using digital technologies to retain them as well. Today, it has started to be used widely as the blockchain appeared.


What is included in digital marketing

It uses a variety of different tools:

– Digital TV and online radio;

– SMS and MMS;

– Advertising in applications, instant messengers, and online games;

– SEO and SEM;

– Affiliate marketing (here the webmaster get awards for attracting visitors and buyers);

– Advertising on interactive and outdoor LED screens, self-service terminals;

– Email marketing;

– Contextual advertising, banners and teaser ads;

– Blockchain.



The blockchain is decentralized, and therefore the data stored in this way have the highest level of protection. It will change the advertising industry and the principles of its operation since it will eliminate intermediaries as a “class”. Therefore, blockchain belongs to the top digital marketing strategies in 2019.Now business owners place ads on Google or FB platforms that make money from it. However, they can decide to start working on Ethereum based platforms. It will make all the operations cheaper and business will start giving more profits.


Digital TV

It is the most popular and prominent representative of digital marketing. If you use it, you know that it has been changed during the last 2 years. It is possible to access the Internet from the TV, buy a game or access to a film, and check your email or your social network page.


Here are the basic digital marketing strategies for business.


  1. Combine the final goals of your business and the goals of digital integration;
  2. Wisely determine who will use your product. The target audience must be known before you start your business;
  3. Formulate the best, unique and unusual selling proposition which will interest people;
  4. Find the best-working channels and tools to be used for promotion of your final product and/or service;
  5. Think thoroughly about the content digital marketing strategies – they must be conveyed to your target audience;
  6. Prioritize your tasks. You should arrange them very carefully. Think about these tasks, performers, deadlines beforehand. Certainly, you should determine the budget that will be used for the launch of digital marketing strategies in 2019;
  7. Check how the other companies dealing with similar products and/or services work;
  8. Organize a quiz to learn if your digital marketing strategies in 2019 work correctly;
  9. Represent your brand, business, services using social nets, mass media, the Internet, etc.
  10. Try to evaluate intermediate results and correct your digital marketing strategies is something goes wrong.


Things to remember:

– You must attract consumers and customers as participants — creators, distributors, commentators. In digital marketing, they cannot be passive viewers.

– Think more widely: without the constant involvement of people in the process, success is impossible. That is, you need effective planning and an extremely clear proposal.

– Content ceases to depend on special distribution methods, restrictions on the types of supported devices. It must be relevant, otherwise, you will not get constant interest from consumers.

– Correspondence with the participants is carried out only with their consent, based on the preferences of each. If consumers are interested in the information provided and they want to share it on social networks, the company will achieve greater results.

In the digital world, it is impossible to manage news, because consumers are faster than companies. Therefore, you will have to change your approach to work. Digital technologies will help you.

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