Top 10 Marketing Books

The benefits of reading are obvious. It expands a person’s outlook, enriches his inner world, makes him smarter and affects memory positively. It contributes to developing clearer thinking, which makes it possible to formulate and express thoughts better. Selling and buying – what could be easier? However, this simplicity is long gone: buyers have become smarter, and the modern market has been crowded with all sorts of goods. And all this in the face of fierce competition.

Marketing books for sellers

For those who buy, this situation is only on hand. But not those who sell. How to increase your sales? How to find and keep clientele? How, in the end, to get a steady income? Science comes to the aid, born at the crossroads of economics, sociology, and ethics, known as marketing. As in any science, everything here is laid out on the shelves, but the catch is that life does not always follow the logic, and how many do not read textbooks, you will not find the rules for a successful business. Everything requires experience, obligatory mistakes on which they learn, analysis and the birth of new, non-standard ideas.

If you are engaged in internet marketing, you can learn it endlessly. It doesn’t matter how many diplomas you have, how many courses you have completed, you can always increase your knowledge. If you read these top 10 marketing books, which specialists of Adrenaline Studios recommend, you will know about this business much more.

If someone tells you that he knows everything about marketing, do not believe him! There is always the opportunity to expand knowledge and take into the piggy bank useful techniques, chips, and lifehacking.

Keep a selection of what is worth reading to entrepreneurs, owners of small and large businesses, Internet marketers, copywriters, sales managers: the best books on marketing in one article from basic for beginners to publications for professionals.

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“Buy.Ology.Truth and Lies about why we buy”

At the age of 12, the author of the book, worked as an intern in the Design Department of Lego. Then he became interested in marketing, helping his mother sell cosmetics. At the age of 30, Martin was appointed Global Operating Director for British Telecom / Looksmart. In 2015, when he was 40, he was called one of the most reputable marketers in the world. His principles are revolutionary, his views are unique, and his methods are decisive.
In this originally written book, Martin Lindstrom presents the stunning findings he made during a three-year study with a budget of seven million dollars.

“Epic content marketing”

Joe Pulizzi is the founder of the Institute of Content Marketing, one of the best SEO specialists in the world. One of the coolest marketing books, it tells about the process of creating stories that teach, entertain and imperceptibly affect buyers. According to the author’s version, this content should predict customer questions, it must be lively, funny, affecting public opinion.

“Social media Roi”

The author (O. Blanchard) is a leading branding and marketing expert who develops programs in social media. How to evaluate the return on investment in social networks and the blogosphere? Why does a business need this at all? In the bestseller you will find answers to these questions, as well as learn about effective strategies for planning, measuring, analyzing and optimizing.

“The Anatomy of Buzz»

The author drew attention to the Buzz effect — lightning-fast dissemination of information through the exchange of personal experience and opinions. The author shares proven technicians with the help of which you can stimulate clients around the world and make sales through the word of mouth on the Internet.

“Made to Stick” (Chip and Dan Heath)

Dan is involved in the development of social entrepreneurship, Chip is a teacher. In the book “Made to Stick”, they examine in detail why some ideas spread like a virus, while others die in the bud.

“Conversation optimization”

Here, you will find practical tips on how to convince the buyer to make a decision, but not press him. You will learn how to use the basic design, usability, and analytics to increase leads. The book by Khaled Saleh is recommended for any type of business owners, from small to big brands.

“Selling the invisible”

The memorable insights and real-life stories that took place at the time when Beckwith (the author) worked with Federal Express, Citicorp and private enterprises will help you understand the nature and nuances of marketing. Here you will read about how to convince the client to use your services and how to profitably sell their best qualities, usually invisible to others.

“Permission Marketing”

This is one of the most famous marketing books. Seth Godin overthrows traditional marketing: television advertising, cold calls and other things that cause heartburn. In this book, he sets out the principles of inbound marketing: how to make your clients search for you?

“The psychology influence of persuasion”

With the help of six basic principles, which were described by Robers B. Cialdini, you will learn how to convince others correctly and at the same time how to protect yourself from someone else’s influence.

“Positioning: The battle of your mind”

This is another classic work. You will learn market capture techniques. You can work out the strategy to cover the weaknesses of your business.

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