Top 10 Marketing Tactics in 2019

Marketing is often associated with large-scale projects that are expensive and difficult to implement. But what about the useful little things that will help you increase profits quickly? Here is a list of techniques the best marketing tactics that will require very little effort from you and will make small changes to the work, which in the future can bring significant changes. They are often used by Adrenaline Studios.

Thought that outbound marketing has long been dead? No matter how wrong! Below is the experience of 29 companies that are ready to act within the framework of traditional marketing and generate even more traffic, leads and incomes this year.

No one doubts that the methods of incoming marketing can significantly improve brand awareness, increase the volume of traffic and the number of potential customers and buyers. Recently, however, in the community of marketers, there is often talk that inbound marketing is not nearly as effective as everyone is used to thinking of it.

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Even HubSpot, a service whose founder invented the term “inbound marketing”, recently changed their attitude to advertising, saying that “if you don’t use advertising in your marketing mix today, you can say that you don’t provide every step of the customer journey with useful and relevant content to the fullest. ”

Go deep into competitors’ research

You need to track the actions of competitors in case you want to exceed all expectations and make everything better.

Narrow the target audience Digital Agency London

Talk with customers, conduct research, run a couple of surveys: you should thoroughly examine your target audience. According to the results of these studies, you will immediately see where it is worth to direct most of the effort.

Work through the design of branded promotional materials

Corporate branding may require more advanced skills. Consider the option of crowdfunding or, if you have design enthusiasts in your team, ask them to present their variations of corporate identity elements. These marketing tactics work perfectly.

Get to know the local companies

This is a good idea, as many companies are trying to enter markets that will benefit them in the long run, but consider the possibility of establishing contacts at the regional level. These contacts can be useful in organizing future events.

Webinars, conferences, seminars — participate

You have opened your business, created a company, which means you can call yourself an expert in your field, so show it to your colleagues! Develop your knowledge, attend conferences, make reports, and organize webinars. In terms of recognition, it all works wonders.

Create a newsletter or change the design of an existing one

Keep people informed about your business. If you have a blog, it will be a good addition to your newsletters. You can also experiment with the location of it and different formats to find out what suits you best.

Experiment with CTA buttons

Like the subject line, the call-to-action buttons can both push people away or make them want to press a button.

 Create/invent an advertising character

Of course, you may not do it, but it really can fundamentally reformat all your marketing activities – especially if you come up with original ways to use it on the Internet and in print materials.

Invest in pleasant things like stickers and stationery

These marketing strategies can seem very simple and old, but they are very effective. It is inexpensive, but people like such things and they rarely throw them out. If you have already a developed corporate character or graphic design that is even remotely connected with your business, make materials with the company logo and distribute them at events.

Create a blog if you don’t have one

An official blog can be a great information channel for your clients, but it will also help to reach a wider audience on the Internet if you publish useful tips, inspiring and simply relevant content that will demonstrate your professionalism in your field.

Other marketing tactics should be also considered. For instance, Every time you have major updates or interesting news, and you know exactly what will happen in the near future, you can resort to pressing releases. So you show a high level of professionalism and appeal to the audience through new channels.

Ideally, PR and copywriting should work together to promote your company or brand. If you do not have a working team, consider how many employees and qualified specialists you need to resolve the issue with content marketing. All of these things together will work to make your marketing more effective

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