Top 10 Marketing Tools for Free

Marketing creates and develops a road of exchange between a buyer and a seller. That exchange promotes a sale and builds awareness of the brand. Marketing is research and organization of activities in the market of goods, services, securities, aimed at ensuring sales, promotion of goods from producer to consumer.
Marketing is the science and art of offering the right product, in the right place, at the right price, in the right way and at the right time for profit.

The goal of marketing is a successful business, which means achieving profit in Digital Agency London

With the proper formulation of marketing functions, they must penetrate the entire structure of enterprise management. The directions of the marketing work correspond to the most common and simple scheme of the marketing mix – 4P (product, price, place, promotion) and relate to:

  • Instruments of commodity policy,
  • price
  • sales
  • promotion policies (communications).

Key marketing tools can be grouped into these four areas. Some elements of this complex may not be cheap (for examples, such as participation in exhibitions or advertising on television). Therefore, the tools of the marketing mix of an enterprise must be carefully selected and built into a coherent system of the marketing plan.

There are four alternative marketing goals:

  • maximization (i.e. achieving the maximum, greatest result) of consumption
  • maximizing customer satisfaction
  • maximize consumer choice
  • maximizing the quality of life.

It is believed that to satisfy equally all these goals is not possible.
Marketing methods are implemented using marketing tools.

There is a wide range of marketing tools:

  • marketing research
  • product policy
  • sales channels
  • price
  • advertising
  • service maintenance.

What is a Marketing Tool?

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Marketing tools consider being special tools that companies or services utilize to create and develop their products and services. Moreover, the word tools concern techniques, strategies, and materials. The great majority of businesses utilize several various marketing instruments, involving advertising, mail, and market research to enlarge their sales.
Businesses utilize rather different marketing tools to be in touch with company information, to motivate and to encourage the customer’s interest. An integrated marketing approach refers to several tactics to attract customers and build and develop the business.

A well-formed portfolio, successful development and effective use of marketing tools help the company to take its position in the market and strengthen its professional reputation. Competent positioning, i.e. Creation, maintenance and development of a reputation is the basis for creating a positive image, effectively solving business problems, maintaining and expanding the client base, and developing the company’s business. The most active tool in the complex of marketing means of influencing the market is marketing communications, the main content of which is the system of demand formation and sales promotion, which ensures the promotion of company products on the market.
Communication policy is one of the components of the marketing mix, the content of which is the formation of demand and sales promotion for enterprise goods, the creation, and maintenance of the company’s image, planning, organization and control of advertising companies, personal sales, PR events, sales promotion measures.

Kinds of Marketing Tools For Free

Among many other popular marketing instruments, the followings being more affordable and practical:

  1. Social media planning-  Social media planning is about organizing posts within some period of time. Free and convenient planning at Buffer lets connects a profile from each network. If people share three posts every day, that means they can be in touch every time.
  2. Design: Canva – Canva has many utilizersCanva helps to make images for marketing, for posts, and for any other usage.
  3. Google Analytics – If having an online business or company, which has its own website, Google Analytics is a very useful and rather convenient tool. It provides a great view of where the visitors coming from. It informs what kind of people were visiting, and which website’s content works the best.
  4. Website optimization – This is a great tool for knowing and making clear what the visitors do, where they click and what they observe for.
  5. Surveys – Surveys being useful for determining which products to create and also for improving or upgrading existing goods. The word goods in this context mean products.
    Surveys being also useful if there is a desire to rate rival products. A survey can speak about representative consumers what they like about you and your competitors’ products. Everybody can carry face-to-face surveys, on the telephone, on the post, or online.
  6. SEO, open web page investigator – It is a very useful tool for testing how many links you every person is getting and from which source. Utilizers also test their competition. Signing up suggests with no limit reporting on many links.
  7. CRM tools –  This tool helps to stay and to be informed of the current information being utilized by the utilizers. Think about the functional address book. The besties being loaded with features and information.
  8. HubSpot tool – HubSpot Marketing Free allows marketers to easily generate email leads from their website with a free pop up tool.
  9. Landing pages, Word Press – This is the quickest and the simplest way to set up a webpage is just to create a new, fresh page.
  10. Twitter management free –  Utilizer can manage Twitter straightly, which gives chance for sorting and grouping of followers into the demographics of the people in the audience.

Best marketing tools for free include:

  1. SMM
  2. Content marketing
  3. Creating workflows
  4. Advertising

Marketing tools for free consider being very useful and very convenient tools ever is developing every time.

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