Top 10 Most Popular Marketing Channels

Top 10 Most Popular Marketing Channels in 2019

Top 10 Most Popular Marketing Channels

A marketing channel is a set of subjects of the market, legal entities and individuals (producers, buyers, intermediaries), united by the manufacturer’s goods, entering into relationships with the aim of obtaining benefits from the maximum satisfaction of market needs.
To simplify the passage of goods, the manufacturer builds up a system of movement and distribution of goods, contributing to the optimally fast and easy passage of goods to the consumer using a marketing channel. The information about the product also moves through this channel.
Search engine optimization
Activities aimed at improving the position of the site in search engines (Yandex, Google): filling the site with useful materials and improving site usability (to improve behavioral factors) and improving the technical characteristics of the site (to simplify the work of search robots). Detailed information can be found in the manuals from the search engines themselves:

Recommendations for optimizing sites from Google.
Recommendations for optimizing sites from Yandex.
contextual advertising
Advertisements that appear immediately above the search results (as well as below it and sometimes to the side) and on thematically close pages of sites that are search engine partners are in accordance with the keywords you have chosen (therefore, such advertising is called contextual).

If search engine optimization is a long process, then launching an advertising campaign, for example, in Yandex.Direct takes a few days. But you will have to pay for each transition to your website, so it is important to cut off users who are irrelevant to your business and monitor the effectiveness of each ad.

Three most popular contextual advertising systems:
Google adwords
Targeted Advertising
Thanks to social networks, we can show advertisements not only in accordance with the user’s search queries, but also in accordance with his demographic characteristics and personal interests. Selecting, therefore, only our target audience (target – target).

The three most popular targeted advertising systems are:
In contact with
Ad networks
The most extensive features have specialized advertising systems:

Marketing channels used by Adrenaline Studios always, include the following types of entities:

Communication channels:
– Traditional media —TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor advertising, public relations, etc;
– Conversational channels (telephone hotlines, e-mail, feedback form on the company’s website, social network pages, etc., events and promotions;

Distribution channels:
– Logistic channels (warehouses, transport, distribution centers, and terminals);
– Distribution trade channels.

Channels of realization:
– Trade sales channels;
– Market infrastructure channels (banks, insurance companies, recruiting agencies, advertising, and research organizations, etc.).

Marketing channels deal with various functions including the fastest distribution of information about the service/product of the company. Their intermediaries become the guides here. They appear only when the manufacturer notices difficulties in the promotion of the product. The more intermediaries appear — the more extensive the channel and the greater the chance that buyers will see the manufacturer’s goods. Wholesalers (companies), as well as dealers, shops, markets, become these intermediaries. Wholesale companies control the correctness and consistency of the movement of goods, its availability in the market. Dealers and retailers control the quality of product presentation directly to the buyer.
Email marketing
Email is perhaps the most misunderstood marketing channel. Few people use at least two tools available in the arsenal of email marketing:

Information and thematic mailings
Automated Mailing Chains
Trigger mailings
Notifications, reminders
Placing announcements, shares in the mailing lists of partners
Social media marketing is also not limited to creating your own group:

Direct sales
Mass following
Sales through the group
Its community
Community advertising
Monitoring references to key phrases in social media
Promotions, contests, sweepstakes
Own couponers for social networks
Viral videos, memes
Service companies
They are also included in the marketing channels, as they also participate in promoting product information and feedback.

Top 10 most popular marketing channels
Today, business owners can choose these effective channels of promotion:

It is great for publishing inspirational images and other visual content that will help you get potential buyers interested.
TV and radio, print media ads
This channel still helps to attract customers.

Does your website help promote a business? If not, it’s time to update it, turning it into a sales channel.

Most often, people are happy to look through bright flyers. Send them by mail or distribute in crowded places, and get ready for new orders!
Email and local marketing
Ask your site visitors to subscribe to the newsletter and send them personalized messages with information about discounts and promotions. Add your business to local directories, such as Google.

If the budget allows, participate in thematic exhibitions. This will help you strengthen brand awareness and acquire useful contacts.

Attend various themed events and stock up on business cards in advance. Communicating with people, you can talk about your brand almost for free.

Here, you can send invitations to add to your contact list with a welcome message. Find potential customers and tell them about your business.

It is ideal for promoting small businesses. Register a business account and start posting inspirational photos and videos.

Popular mobile messengers are marketing channels with good potential.

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