Top 10 Online Marketing Companies in UK

If you still think that a “marketing person” is a specialist who, in one person, builds a company’s sales system, creates a video ad script, writes selling texts, maintains accounts in social networks and attracts traffic from search queries, then you are mistaken. Online marketing companies deal with it, and they have the staff of the best specialists like those ones who work in Adrenaline Studios.

Components of a marketing campaign

Regardless of the type and scale of a marketing campaign, its success depends on how well it is planned. It is important to immediately define its goals, the tasks that it must solve. A marketing campaign may include the following elements:

  • definition of goals and objectives. At this stage, the campaign organizer creates a clear picture of the final result that the client expects to see;
  • marketing audit. It includes in-depth analysis of the client’s business, market, and competitors in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of all participants in the selected segment, the study of the behavioral characteristics of the representatives of the target audience;
  • planning and developing a marketing campaign strategy.

It assumes the formation of a list of competitive advantages, thanks to which one can stand out among other market participants and who are able to show the benefits and advantages of the product, service, and the client’s company itself. It is also necessary to identify weaknesses and weaknesses in order to level them, presenting a product or service to a potential client.

Stages of a marketing campaign

  • Development, preparation of marketing tools – it can be advertising content for websites, television, radio, various types of printing, promotional products, etc.
  • Formation of the final budget and building a plan, schedule of activities.
  • Campaign launch – practical implementation in accordance with the plan.
  • Monitoring and analysis of the effectiveness of a marketing campaign during its implementation, with the possibility of making adjustments.
  • Analysis of the results.
  • A properly planned marketing campaign should lead to the popularization of a brand, product, service and an increase in sales.


He develops the company’s strategy, monitors the trends of the digital market, develops the department, develops quality standards for the provision of services, participates in the formation of working design teams, etc. He is like an orchestra conductor. He does not know how to play all the instruments himself, but he understands music, knows how each instrument sounds. The main function of the strategist is to make all instruments sound perfect together.

Project Marketer

He forms a working group of necessary specialists for a specific client project: works with product or service positioning on the market. He analyzes competitors, segments the market, and highlights the target audience for the product being promoted. He is looking for new channels and promotion methods. All good online marketing companies have this specialist who has excellent knowledge of the principles of operation of various tools: SMM, contextual advertising, SEO, targeted advertising, CPA, etc.

Contextual ads specialist

He attracts traffic from advertising to your website. It is he who selects key phrases, minus words, selects the cost per click, determines the rules for displaying ads, and analyzes statistics and other parameters of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

SEO specialist

He is the person who is responsible for a large range of work is the optimization of the technical part, design, usability, the creation of useful content, the selection and clustering of requests, and many more items on the list of real SEO. He makes your website like a book in a library, to be immediately available upon request.

SMM project team

There is an opinion that SMM is only posts on social networks and nothing complicated. In reality, social networks are the fastest source of reaction to business, feedback, which means that you need to carefully manage your reputation, be able to respond to negative, optimize sites in social networks under the audience, test additional features of paid traffic. To manage a group or community, you must have a well-developed content plan, not to mention the ability to write interesting. Therefore, large online marketing companies have the following team specialists:

  • SMM – manager
    He develops an SMM strategy, coordinates the work of the project team, sets tasks for the project team, comes up with promotions and contests on the Web, performs analytics, and accounts for the client.
  • SMM copywriter
    He writes and posts, assigns tasks to the designer, sets up and designs groups, implements moderation, communicates with participants/visitors of groups and communities.
  • SMM – media planner
    He deals with paid traffic. He conducts analytics on the results of the launched advertising campaign in real-time.

Email Marketing Specialist in Our Digital Agency London

His task is to automate the collection of addresses, prescribing logic and setting up triggers. In large online marketing companies, the amount of information and the variety of letters is so great that there is nowhere without professionals. In addition to these specialists, designers, photographers, and videographers participate in online promotion.

Top online marketing companies in the UK

In the UK, the best-rated marketing companies are so popular that their specialists never sit without work. These are the following famous organizations:

  • 90 Digital ;
  • Base Element ;
  • BFO;
  • Beyond;
  • Coal;
  • Crowd;
  • Digivate;
  • Illuminate;
  • Infogr8;

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