Top 10 Online Marketing Tools

Internet marketing is a multifaceted thing. It includes various directions. Moreover, these directions can be developed both individually and in parallel. In the second case, the effectiveness of activities will be several times higher! Internet marketing is a whole range of activities in the network. Correctly chosen online marketing tools (known well in Adrenaline Studios) will make your marketing more effective.


  • What is marketing and what are its goals?
  • Name marketing tools.
  • Describe the concept of MARKETING MIX.
  • What is the analysis of the market?


Marketing is the research and organization of activities in the market of goods, services, securities, aimed at ensuring sales, promotion of goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. The goal of marketing is a successful business, which means achieving profit.

There is a wide range of marketing tools: marketing research, product policy, distribution channels, price, advertising, service.

Marketing mix – a set of marketing tools through which the company seeks to influence the demand for goods or services.
Market analysis is to study the market for goods and services, supply and demand, consumer behavior, market conditions, price dynamics in order to better promote products on the market.

In 2019, actively promoting your online business is the norm. If you do not do it, then throw money to the wind.

But here’s the problem: Internet marketing by itself may at first glance seem rather complicated and incomprehensible. Until now, some entrepreneurs are afraid to step on its seemingly fragile ground and refuse to implement those tools that have already proven their effectiveness.

The purpose of this article is to dispel the myth of the complexity of Internet marketing and present it in the context of basic strategies. The list included only those that are working now and will be productive in the future. No tricks and secrets.


The corporate site is the company’s representation in the network, an online showcase and contact point in one tool. Using it, you give a potential client important information about the company, products, delivery, prices, guarantees. The site is a point of sale of goods in the network. Using it, you can collect contact information of customers and potential customers, answer questions, provide your contact information. And all this can provide our Digital Agency London.

SEO promotion

Even the well-structured website can be left without visitors if you do not promote it. SEO is just one type of promotion; however, it can seriously save your finances. A site that search engines love will bring a lot of targeted traffic from search. Such customers will ultimately be much cheaper than those coming through contextual ads. SEO belongs to the most effective online marketing tools. Having appeared in the TOP by the necessary inquiries, you will receive visitors interested in your production.

SMM marketing

SMM is a tool aimed at drawing attention to the company’s brand and its products through social networks. In social groups, it is worth writing something that can affect many people. This will be your branding. People begin to share the publication, discuss it. Another fact is that the discussions and recommendations from social media are more credible than the reviews published on the official website.


The blog is also informal. There you get not only “dry” information, but the person and the opinion of the author. The reader is faced with a real person, can write a comment and get an answer to it. Often, regular blog readers begin to feel that the author is their friend, trust him.

Contextual / banner advertising

Contextual ads can be displayed to the user either in the search results or on the sites of the program participants who place ads on their pages. Banner advertising has animation, following which, people will also get into the pages of your web resource. Ads marketing tools such as contextual and banner advertising involve constant cash investment by the advertiser. Unsuccessful experiments can be expensive, so it makes sense to entrust this business to professionals.

Email marketing

With skillful use, it will serve many purposes. It can do the following stuff:

  • help to build relationships with the target audience interested in your products;
  • promote sales;
  • promote repeat sales.

Content marketing

By giving a person useful information, you can easily turn him into a client of your company. Another way to attract new customers is to place their materials with a link to the site on third-party thematic sites.

Viral marketing

It differs from the usual advertising on the Internet as it is distributed by the users of the network absolutely free. However, it must be very attractive. It could be something:

  • unusual;
  • controversial;
  • shocking;
  • super interesting;
  • very funny.

Video marketing

Such forms of online marketing tools are very popular today. People are lazy to read an article with pictures. They want to see and hear. A video clip can be an excellent solution for product demonstration, giving useful information on its use and showing advantages.

Virtual marketing

The introduction of advertising in computer games, so that the user almost does not notice it, and your brand remains in his head.

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