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Our agency is a pr firm that can be called one of the top 10 firms.

For the most effective and consistent promotion of the client company, the marketing agency MGN uses the full range of marketing communications, one of which is PR (Public Relations).

Today, PR is a powerful tool for shaping the reputation of a brand, a company, a product, a service, an idea, which often surpasses classical advertising in terms of its impact on the target audience. The package of pr firm services for each company and brand is formed individually;

It includes only those PR technologies that are necessary to solve the set tasks.

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Subscriber PR-services of the client company, depending on the agreed package of services, may include both a full PR-service and the transfer of some functions to an external press service.

Communication with the media is an important part of an effective PR strategy; it helps to maintain high media interest in the company and the brand, to form trusting relationships and increase their influence on target audiences.

Concepts and ideas

The range of definitions of PR is quite wide. PR can be understood as the management of external and internal resistance of the company; and how the formation and promotion attractive image of the company; and how the management of social communication firms.

In this paper, preference is given to the understanding of PR, which goes back to S. Black, the founder and long-time leader of the International PR Association.

According to the Black interpretation, PR is an activity aimed at achieving harmony of interests of a company and its social environment based on truthful information. This, perhaps, the most complete definition of PR needs, however, to be clarified.

First of all, regarding some “romanticism”, which, at first glance, is expressed in the criterion of truthfulness. We are not talking about the full disclosure of the entire “kitchen” of the company.


But it should be remembered that every organization, every instance, every person entering or intending to enter into some kind of relationship with a firm will necessarily be interested in its financial position, capabilities, reputation, the competence of managers, etc. etc.

And the sources from which this information will be gathered will not necessarily be benevolent. Therefore, there is a direct meaning to take care of information about yourself, to become a source yourself, and other necessary information.

And, at least, a firm that hides information about itself is not credible.

Internet PR is a tool for PR promotion of the company on the Internet, it actively complements PR in offline media. It includes such tools as the promotion of the company through social services and resources, through online media and the company’s own website.

Creating a PR strategy in steps

Before considering the step-by-step process of promotion, let’s look at the terminology. Under the PR strategy, it is customary to mean an action plan that is aimed at promoting a product, company or person on the market through working with a target audience.

It has goals and objectives, intended results and a system for their assessment, budget, and deadlines.

Usually, the implementation of a PR strategy lays from 6 months to several years. However, before proceeding to action, everything must be calculated and painted.

Targets and goals which can be carried out by pr firm

When the current state of affairs is determined, form the goals and objectives of the PR strategy. They can be:

  • attracting customers to the newly opened business, forming a positive opinion about the company;
  • informing existing and potential consumers about the launch of a new product line or service;
  • formation of a positive public opinion after the launch of a fundamentally new product on the market; 
  • the attraction of investments and partners; informing customers about changing addresses, phone numbers, closing/opening branches;
  • conflict resolution due to poor-quality products, industrial accidents, etc.

If you do not have a specific goal, you will not be able to evaluate the effectiveness of any impacts on the target audience and track changes in public opinion.

The target audience – Digital Agency London

Target audiences in PR are not only potential and existing customers of your company.

Use the same tools to influence the opinion of all target audiences, it is impossible. Audiences need to be segmented, but before that, you have to answer a few simple questions:

  • Who exactly will you influence the PR campaign?
  • To whom does the target audience listen? Who are their opinion leaders?
  • How to contact them and how to convince them to help?
  • What channels does the target audience get the information they need?
  • What is the target audience interested in, what does it depend on, etc.?

Try to answer all questions as accurately as possible, because the effectiveness of a PR campaign depends on it.

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