Top 10 Principles of Marketing

All know that it is easy to make money on the Internet if you know what to do. The problem is that 90% of people are trying to sell something when they have no ideas and they don’t know what to do. If you want to stay ahead, you should have access to the most modern methods of promoting your business.

The principles of marketing are the fundamental laws of marketing, the basic principles and driving forces of marketing, which underlie all marketing activities, the guidelines for marketing, the basic rules and guidelines for any marketing activity.

The single fundamental principle of marketing, the essence of this science is the idea of ​​satisfying human needs. The basis of the activity of any company existing on the basic principle of marketing is the need to produce what the market needs, which will be in demand by the consumer.

Depending on the outlook on marketing activities and the details of its main vectors, a single fundamental marketing principle is represented by a set of basic marketing principles.

Based on the strategy, the basic strategic principles of marketing activities are presented as follows:

  • marketing management – current marketing management, understood as the solution of current tasks to achieve the desired goals;
  • governing of the market – “global” marketing management, which determines the “main course of events” in the activities of the company;
  • planning – planning, building various marketing programs, long-, medium- and short-term planning of marketing activities;
  • marketing research – market research, economic conditions and supply and marketing capabilities of the enterprise;
  • segmentation – market segmentation, the search for the most important market segments and the offer of goods for them;
  • adaptation – flexible response to the requirements of active and potential demand;
  • innovation – innovation, creation of a new product;
  • promotion – promotion of goods and services, any form of message used to inform, persuade or remind about goods, services, trademark, etc .;

Only strict observance of these basic principles of marketing will allow us to achieve the goals set by the company.

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  1. Develop the unique position of your business on the Internet.

What is unique in your product or service? Why are they better than the products and services of your competitors, or are they the same things as the other ones? Successful sites never look like others. These are sites that have invented a unique bias in the niche of the target market.

  1. A unique position is more important than cleverly made ads.

Great ads cannot compensate for a poor business concept. A good concept and unique position of the site will work even in the “average”. Your ads should have the main points that highlight your business: novelty, service, uniqueness, etc. It is one of the most important principles of marketing. They are always used in Adrenaline Studios.

  1. Do not reduce existing prices if your product is not yet popular.

Perhaps in some cases, you rated your product too high. Add more rewards, bonuses to your product, focus on the unique site position, etc. In other words, give more value to the formed package.

  1. First, find the market, and then develop the product.

People, who started to deal with a product and only then decided to look for someone to sell it, may not succeed. Look for a market full of people that want to buy something. Most of the really successful entrepreneurs find a market first, and then develop, create a product that the others are constantly looking for.

  1. Look for the “hungry” crowd.

The hungrier your potential market, the more chances for a success you have. Do not waste time trying to change the human I habit of shopping. Create or find a product that people are already desperate for.

  1. Do not try to create a market.

Look for a market that already exists. If you are unable to describe in a single sentence, who your potential customers are, then terrible times of online sales attempts are waiting for you. Identify a market that is already looking for your product.

  1. Testing is the key to the success of your marketing.

For the same product, one ad can work 10 times better than another. You must constantly check, test headers, offers, warranties and methods of getting traffic. The most successful sellers are not always the strongest. Simply, they constantly check their methods.

  1. All your advertising should target sales.

Small businesses cannot afford to spend millions of dollars to create a corporate name on their website. Any banner you need to be tested, you have to make sure that every penny you make brings a profit.

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  1. Even free advertising has a price.

Every bit of your advertising costs money or time. Make sure it is productive for you. In fact, nothing is free. It may be more profitable for your business to buy a program for $ 500, which will allow you to achieve your goals in a short time.

  1. Every aspect of your website and marketing should focus on presenting your unique site position to customers.

Everything in your site should focus on a unique site positioning strategy: file signatures, headers, order forms, free messages, ads, etc. Your customers should always know exactly what sets you apart from your competitors — it also referrers to the basic principles of marketing.

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