Top 10 Project Management Tools

Top 10 Project Management Tools in 2019

Top 10 Project Management Tools

Any disorder in business is the risk of losing money. Therefore, specialists of marketing agencies like Adrenaline Studios, use project management tools, which recently could seem to be something very odd and bizarre.


  1. Boston Matrix

This tool helps to understand what effect you are going to achieve at the end of the project, at what stage the project is at the moment and what the final result will be. At any moment you can stop, draw this scheme, honestly look at it and understand what is what.


  1. Mindmap

This is a  diagram of connections or a map of thoughts. It is easier for our thinking to operate with cloud and branch structures, rather than lists and tables. That is why, when another idea comes from one idea and three more from another, it is easy for us to get confused. The old MindMap technique comes to the rescue when you are asked to create a branchy scheme for your project or yours.


  1. Logical Structural Scheme (LSS)

It belongs to the most difficult project management tools, but its use brings nothing but good. This is a logical plan of action that allows the project manager to make certain decisions based on the causes and consequences of the tasks. Among the columns of the LSS, we see a common goal, specific objectives, and most importantly — indicators of success. This tool allows you to measure results and find objective indicators of what happened and what did not work out in your project.


  1. Gantt Chart

It is a visualization of the time course of the project. A simple list or calendar does not give a fair idea of ​​the time frame for your project. Remember how often you forgot that short collection of dates that you set up throughout your organization, which you constantly had to remind each other. Now, everything marked with colors is clear.


  1. Time billing

Usually, this phrase means monitoring employees using various screen capture programs that calculate how much time your colleague spent on a particular task. To do this, you can use applications for smartphones, so that you understand how much you have for morning coffee, the way to the office, filling out documentation, communicating with the director, and so on. By scoring all this information in the app, you will understand where you can save time, which will increase your productivity and at the same time relax more.


  1. Kanban

It is a table of tasks with stickers, divided into several parts, showing the stages of the project. Usually, the columns are named like this: What to do / Process / Done. You can add new columns, like “testing” or “super urgent!” It is one of the simplest project management tools.


  1. Scrum

It is a tool that has a lot in common with Kanban and even has a similar board with stickers. The difference is in the so-called sprints and in the constant feedback that comes from your audience.


  1. Responsibility Assignment Matrix

This is a simple and clear tool for understanding the responsibility of each project participant. It helps not to distract from the current tasks of those who are not responsible for something else. This tool is especially useful for working with volunteers.


  1. Project charter

It deals with the stuff referring to responsibility, authority and internal order of the organization. In the future, the project charter can be referenced. Let’s say you come to the designer and say he didn’t do a video editing of the informational video. The designer also shows you the project charter, which identifies the direct responsibilities of the designer, which do not include video editing.


  1. Risk matrix

It is a useful tool for determining all the possible risks of your project. The risk matrix makes it possible to understand how bad everything will be if one or another risk comes true, and what is its probability.

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