Top 10 Social Media Agencies in 2019

Promotion in social media, like any other important marketing initiative, should have clear and measurable strategies. However, many companies do not understand how to create and use them. Social media can accomplish many tasks, but without a clear definition of your main goals, it will be difficult for you to give direction to your team, allocate resources and evaluate results.

SMM promotion is an effective way to attract an audience to the site through social networks, blogs, forums, communities.

SMM advertising refers to non-standard methods of promotion. Social Media Marketing is the most promising method of promotion. It allows you to communicate with the audience directly, and at the same time it is affordable in the price: SMM promotion is affordable even for beginning businessmen.

Tasks that can be accomplished with SMM – Digital Agency London

Social Media Marketing solves a whole range of issues related to the company’s promotion on the Internet:

  • brand promotion, branding;
  • an increase in the number of visitors to the site;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • increasing the loyalty of the audience in relation to the brand.

The main problems that companies face when they try to become noticeable in social networks are lack of resources, a formal strategy, creating a community of subscribers and the results of tracking. If your business encounters some (or all) of these problems, contact a reliable SM agency: you will never regret it after. Choosing the best social media agencies and using their services after, you will get hundreds, thousands more than you spend.

SMM benefits:

  • low cost of promotion (for the beginning of the promotion requires a minimum investment);
  • a wide audience (for example, the number of users of some VKontakte applications numbers millions);
  • the ability to carefully select users who see your advertising (ranking the target audience by social parameters: age, place of residence, interests);
  • the gradual development of the image, which will continue for a long period (the maximum effect of SMM is achieved after a while).

SMM can be both an independent website promotion tool and a logical continuation of SEO. After all, as you know, search engines are increasingly paying attention to social signals when ranking websites.

Most often, SMMs focus on the work of creating groups, public groups, and communities dedicated to the site being promoted, within the framework of popular soc. networks and attract as many users as possible.

This process should be carefully planned and in no case should not be based on spam technologies, otherwise, it can lead to the opposite of expected results.

Top 10 social media agencies in 2019

Using the help of some of these professional social media agencies, you will get the needed results: the product you offer will be popularized, and the income of your company will be increased.

1. Social Media 55
This top-rated in 2019 company works offers SEO and the services of SM. There the greatest specialists work, and they offer their clients only the best new solutions to increase the sales of the clients’ companies. Thanks to the help of Social Media 55, thousands and even millions of people will learn about you. Besides, you will not pay much if you work with this agency: their services start from $25 per hour only.

2. Abnormal
Abnormal is among those social media agencies which are located in Houston, Texas. With its help, more people will learn about your brand. The agency uses mostly web design; it makes attractive presentations, works out logos of the companies, offers the services of professional photographers. Working with this agency, the client will spend $100 per hour.

3. LYFE Marketing
It will help to boost the sales of your product. After the help of its specialists, people will start talking about your brand and/or business, discussing it on the Internet. One of the best-reviewed agencies, LYFE Marketing help costs from $50 per hour.

4. Social-Hire
It is also in the list of the most reliable social media agencies that work mostly with individuals and small teams. The payment for their help depends on your decision. Those companies, which want to achieve the best results and look like real professionals in social nets, the payment starts from $799 each month only.

5. Socially
socially will make your brand popular and recognizable. Using their rich experience, the specialists of this agency will do everything for your business. Many companies, which have already worked with SociallyIn, know it for sure. They charge $100 per hour.

6. Convert
Convert works with web design and SM (social media). Your site will look attractive to all, who visit it. The agency works with SEO and helps its clients to stay protected from the hackers’ attacks.

7. Organic SEO
As you can understand from the name, these professionals provide SEO services. Located in San Diego, they also work with clients from other regions. If you need to improve the design of your site, this agency will do it.

8. Fuel Online
It belongs to the oldest SM and PPC agencies. Those, who used to work with it know that the reputation of their companies is known as the best one now.

9. Bad Rhino Inc.
It is the leading Philadelphia SM agency, where the team of SEO and web design experts works. They will also work out the strategies of marketing in social nets.

10. Sculpt
Sculpt helps their customers to get more good clients, which will work further with them constantly or for a long time. Your company can deal with any product — Sculpt will help to advertise it.

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