Top 10 Tips for Content Marketing Strategy

Modern content marketing involves the dynamics of all processes, experiments and strategy adjustments. This means that it is not enough to create a website or social media page and just wait for the results. It is is a systematic, strategic and well-targeted filling of its sites and channels with diverse, relevant and interesting material.

Ideally, some of this content should be unique.

Before you get acquainted with the features of promotion, briefly about content marketing. In literal translation, this concept means content or content. It is the content that fills the interface: with texts, videos, pictures, animated images, information graphics, podcasts, etc. This definition is quite versatile, it includes different types of materials used by Internet users.

Content marketing is the promotion of content. In other words, you do not just create a certain text, but write it to increase sales growth, awareness, or to attract potential users. Above all, good content marketing is an opportunity to attract the attention of visitors and gain their trust. If content strategy is well-built, the content appears regularly, after trust, users form loyalty to your brand and interest in the product. In this case, sales will be successful.

Creating strategies with Digital Agency London

Creating a strategy of content marketing, as experts of Adrenaline Studios emphasize, it is important to understand that it is not at all necessary to use all communication channels and types of content at once. It is enough to study competitors. Moreover, at this stage, it is important not only to thoughtlessly make notes on what competitors are using but to focus only on those types of content and channels where the project is presented most successfully.

Give a realistic mark for the capabilities of your company

Even if 50% of your competitors are actively promoting their YouTube channel, for instance, but you do not have the technical capability or time to shoot interesting content, it’s better to refuse this channel. Instead, use the strengths of your project. Perhaps you know how to write good texts and you have something to write about.

Make customer-oriented content

You need to know and understand your target audience. Who are they? Who do they work? What are their problems? How do they find information about products and services? Social networks, opinion leaders, subscriptions, search engines are important. It is also one of the content marketing strategies. Answer here these questions:

  • What types of content do your potential customers prefer?
  • What offer will make them perform the desired action? (Attractive price, additional guarantee, reviews).

Communicate with opinion leaders to collaborate on content and its promotion.
Identify opinion leaders with an active audience and their supporters in your niche. Jointly develop content that will be interesting to the audience and promote it. Help people become more powerful by collaborating on the content of the entire community.

Use micro-content marketing

  • Create a content plan dividing topics into segments, stages of making a purchase decision.
  • Use micro-content (life hacks, quotes) for social networks, when there are a lot of them; compile it all into e-books, articles, presentations.
  • Transform existing huge content into microformat: e-book into blog posts, video to pictures.
  • Make content marketing “responsible” for attracting, engaging, converting.
  • Make sure all content meets the goals of your strategy. The attraction is the top of the sales funnel (where do people come from search engines, social networks, referral programs?)
  • You need educational, informational content, contests and promotions, discussions.
  • Track customer data reflected in the number of subscriptions, purchases, registrations, etc.
  • Try to make the content interesting and useful to the reader.
  • When generating the content, do not set only one goal — to sell. If you take this goal as a basis, you risk creating “tasteless” content. The important rule is that your readers are not fools, and when you are in every line, in every picture, you are trying to “push” your product or service to them, and they feel it.


Since the content comes out on several platforms at once, Adrenaline Studios experts recommend creating content plans and calendars.

  • A content marketing plan is prepared for each platform separately. The format must be convenient for you, whether it is a spreadsheet in Excel or a document in Word. In the plan, you enter not only the dates and times of publications but also the content itself (texts, images, links to video/file names, the path to foreign graphics, etc.).
  • The calendar allows you to combine all the events related to content marketing in your project into one document and record the planned release dates for all sites.
  • Having these two documents in your hands, you can easily plan content a month in advance and competently delegate the tasks of distributing content to your subordinates.

Pay attention to headlines

It is not only about headings to texts, but also to other types of content. Intriguing, but at the same time honestly sign the video, experiment with the captions to the pictures.

  • Creating dry and nondescript headlines, you automatically kill your labors.
  • Write about what you know best about — your product/service.
  • Do not focus on dry terminology, describe emotions and feelings.
  • Use user comments and questions as ideas for users.

It should not be even discussed. People are always interested in this content.

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