Top 10 Traffic Management Strategies

The world of SEO is changing fast.

Every week, Google makes new changes to its own search algorithm. For this reason, link building strategies that work today may stop working after a while. In 2019 alone, Google implemented at least 4 major updates to the algorithm, as well as a huge number of less important changes. In order to adapt to these changes, you will need to revise your link building strategies.

Traffic management is attracting an audience to the site with its subsequent monetization. The specialists of Adrenaline Studios are sure that the fastest way to get customers is to use the simplest but effective strategies. Using them, you will get traffic in a short time, but do not forget that the primary work will consist of a number of rather difficult steps, so you have to work out a thorough strategy.

Regularly interact with the audience with the help of content.

It mostly refers to social network traffic management. If a person has subscribed to your profile, then it means that he is really interested in what you post. It is not recommended to make posts less than 3-4 times a day, they just get lost in the tape. However, on the one hand, promotion in social networks is easier and faster than, for example, the promotion of a blog or website from full zero. On the other hand, you should be active all the time. To do this, make a content plan and enter information in advance. Of course, even writing 30-40 posts at a time is difficult, all the more photos are needed. You can also use other people’s photos, for example, if you are promoting a general public of information about clothes, this will be appropriate. But if you are only promoting your product, then you need authoring photos.

Bright posts and needed information.

Very often people simply copy-paste information for their sites. This approach should not be used ever, as you can find the same information in different public places. People doubt that the content is new, relevant, as a result, unsubscribe, and you are left with a smaller audience. To prevent this, simply generate content on your own – this simple traffic management strategy works well. People rate your profile also by the usefulness of the information. Remember that even if you attract an audience only with simple pictures, its quality will be appropriate.

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Bonuses for likes and reposts.

If you want to be on the wave of popularity constantly and only increase the number of subscribers (this traffic management strategy works in social nets better as well), then you need to hold contests and distribute products for free constantly. The scheme is simple but very relevant.

Niche promotion theme.

 Do not rush immediately to the whole subject, do not unwind the entire segment. Now it is very popular to have your niche. For example, do not post only a photo of clothes, but place images, clothes on people from different countries of the world. Someone is engaged only in the direction of minimalist jewelry. These are examples of niches.

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Reputation is important for a long-term traffic management strategy. If you create materials in collaboration with some famous people in your niche, then your site will become much more popular.


Show how to use your product or service on a webinar. Conducting a webinar, you build stronger relationships with existing customers and educate potential customers about your company’s offer. For the best effect, make an exclusive offer on the webinar or make it a special discount for visitors.

Long online content

Long online content (for example, blog posts containing more than 10,000 words) usually shows excellent results on all important SEO metrics: sessions, views of the pages, time spent on a page, sharing, repeated visits, and so on. The fact is that such content allows you to go straight to action, and its length forces users to add it to bookmarks for reading later.

Participation in discussions

Comment on topics related to your niche on Reddit, Quora, and other forums. These platforms are already visited by a huge audience, facing the very problem for which you are offering a solution.


Video content tells potential buyers about your product or service. Post video tutorials, commercials, and more on sites like YouTube or even Facebook and Twitter to expand the reach and attract new customers.

Training course

Provide an email course on an interesting topic for a few days or weeks. Include high-quality content — best practices, case studies, and analytics. Arouse interest in your product, and in the final offer a discount on it in order to sell it to a trained audience that has completed the course.  The other people will learn about these bonuses and start visiting your site as well.

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