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The advertisement is an engine of the trade. A creative advertising idea is a guarantee that your company will come into the view of potential customers. One of the most effective advertising tools is viral marketing. However, the creation of ideas for advertising is a time-consuming and expensive process.

An advertising idea is the informational essence of an advertising message invested in a specific art form. It can be transmitted through a well-remembered text, image, slogan, script, illustration, music, and their combinations.

These elements should help to more effectively provide and convey to the consumer the necessary information. An advertisement containing a strong idea will attract an audience and will achieve its goal at a lower cost.

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Therefore, it must be created based on the following principles by Digital Agency London:

  • to be original and unexpected. In advertising, one should avoid cliches (people stop paying attention to such advertising);
  • accurately convey the main idea of ​​advertising. Every idea needs to be checked. Passion for the entertainment side may not increase the impact of advertising but destroy it.
  • The essence of advertising will remain in the shadows. Some vivid commercials have failed in terms of payback. Ogilvy D. believed that if people talk about advertising, then this is bad advertising. If they talk about the product it advertises, that is a good advertisement.
  • An advertisement is primarily a sales tool, not a work of art;
  • be suitable for this product (relevant);
  • coincide with the image of the consumer, his needs, desires, ideas, mentality. For example, specific stories and individual phrases may be perceived by young people, but not understood by the older ones;
  • be clear and simple. Coming up with an advertising idea, do not be to much smart. Advertising is a special genre of art that does not require much thought and multifaceted perception. Your thought must be grasped quickly and unambiguously;
  • to be emotionally fulfilled. Good ideas always make us feel something;
  • to be convincing. When famous artists assure us that they prefer a certain cream it looks unconvincing. People do not believe in such advertising;
  • be universal;
  • to be honest. You should not inspire the consumer that he is “not attractive”, “not successful”, etc. without your product.

To explain how to create a good creative idea is quite difficult since it is an individual creative work. However, there are methodological techniques that allow you to come up with an idea. In this article, we analyze their advantages, disadvantages, and specifics of an application.

Simple display of goods.” The announcement shows the image of the product or its photo with an explanatory signature. It is advisable to use the technique if you want to introduce the image of the product into the consumer’s mind and to ensure its recognition.

Besides, this technique is suitable for the goods, the appearance of which is the most important thing, such as dishes, clothes, shoes, furniture, cars, medicines, products. At the growth stage when the product is already familiar, we need persuasive advertising that sets the product apart from competing products.

The problem-solution,” “before and after.” When using the “problem-solution” technique, a certain problem is posed at first. Further, its solution is proposed using the advertised product or service.

The “before and after” method usually involves two images, one showing the object of influence of the advertised product in need of improvement (yellow teeth, a dirty shirt), the other – the result of this effect (white teeth, a clean shirt).

Comparison of solutions to the problem.” The problem can be solved in different ways, using various products. The purpose of the reception is to present the advertised product as the most effective way to solve the problem (for example, the most simple, reliable, fast, cheap product).

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Using the technique, you should remember that you need to compare your product with another one. You can not take the name of a competitor for your brand. This is a serious violation of advertising legislation.

Transfer to the past and future.” As a rule, an appeal to the future is used to show new technological qualities of a product or to emphasize its timelessness. The past is used primarily for image purposes. While demonstrating your goods, use the attributes of past centuries. As a result, people start to think that the product is time-proved, which means it is good.

Hyperbole and Litota.” To make maximum emphasis on the advertised property you should use such stylistic devices as Hyperbole and Litota.

Metaphor“. The most expressive and effective stylistic device in advertising is a metaphor. The essence of the metaphor is to transfer the properties of one object or phenomenon to another.

The most commonly used ones are the metaphorical presentation of goods, services, and companies. To make the object of advertising more understandable and recognizable, you can use those associations that characterize it most accurately and in the most accessible to the consumer way.

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