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Like fashion, web design is constantly changing bringing a lot of various trends. If you want to create a website that looks professional, you should always be aware of the latest trends in web design. As with meeting a new person, it is important to make a good first impression. To give visitors a pleasant impression of your site, use these important web design tips.

Stick to simplicity and accuracy – Digital Agency London

The world around us has already cluttered, and the Internet is no exception. Advertising, banners, icons, ribbons, various signs, pop-ups, buttons and much more — sometimes this becomes too much. So why not give your site users a break from all this junk? Using a flat design and space, you can significantly affect the impression of visitors from using your site. Try to make everything simple and minimalistic, highlighting only the most important content.

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Follow web design trends

If you read this blog, then you are already on the right track. But you can go further and start looking for sites for a specific purpose, namely to understand what you like and dislike in their activity. Make notes in your head or on paper about what you would like to use on your site.

Make the text easy to read

  • Textual information plays a significant role on the site. It provides the necessary information and answers the questions even before they have been asked. Therefore, it must be easy for users to read texts on your site. There are some simple rules to help you write texts that are easy to read:
  • Use matching colors. For example, you should not use a cream-colored font on a white background, otherwise reading may cause a headache, or even discourage the desire to read. When applying the new color scheme, double-check how easy your text is to read.
  • Do not use a too-small font. Maybe it looks nice, but it is not practical. Users do not have to strain their eyesight to read your text.
  • Stick to selected fonts. Develop a specific style that uses a maximum of 3, and preferably even 2, fonts. If you want to achieve perfection, use easily readable fonts so that your texts do not look like a Chinese letter.

Use the mobile version to the maximum

The pace of the 21st century has made us very impatient. This also applies to find information on the Internet, even if there is enough time. Therefore, users find themselves in a state of “instant gratification” if they receive the information they need in full on one web page. How to provide this? The implementation of motion design. One of the most commonplace examples is adding GIF animations to familiarize yourself with the basic characteristics of a car.

Custom layout

Deviation from standard layouts introduces a certain variety of website designs. Such layouts attract attention more and are interesting for users to consider. But because of this, the user, sometimes, cannot understand the structure, and the elements can unsuccessfully overlap each other and create chaos.

Use custom layouts on non-reading sites.

Add contrast to elements that overlap. Large enough typography can also help. Separate the semantic blocks. Separate them using different background colors. Keep the same distance between the semantic blocks. Do not scatter elements throughout the page.

Unusual navigation

Side, hidden, pop-up, horizontal, multi-level navigation — all this can make the site a non-standard one. But often, users cannot figure out such unusual navigation and cannot interact with it. It is suitable only for certain small sites and for a specific audience. A mandatory check is required for the convenience of its use as well as availability on every page.

Stock Photos

Focus on the right choice of photos. Stock Photos saves you time, but can also undermine the trust of users in you. Often people prefer custom images that can catch their attention. When choosing stock photos, strive to choose non-standard options.

Endless scrolling

Endless scrolling or scrolling has gained popularity thanks to mobile devices that make browsing more convenient. Thus, it provides endless loading of content, while increasing engagement. But some users prefer to get to the end of the page without endless scrolling. And you can give him that choice.

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Popup windows

To convey important information to the user, pop-ups can cause irritation and negative attitude of users. However, with the right approach, they attract attention and increase conversion.

Background video and music

Unexpected music can simply scare away visitors. Automatic video playback annoys visitors. They do not like long videos, annoying sound and poor quality content. They want to choose when and what to watch/listen to. After you complete all these points, switch from the editor to the preview mode to see all the changes in the action.

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