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The translation was always a way of information sharing and getting new knowledge in the world. And today in the era of globalization it’s almost impossible to imagine a sphere in which any translation isn’t applied at all.

Nowadays the international borders in the business sphere, science, and other fields are almost gone, that is why the translation becomes an essential thing as a fundamental of understanding and effective cooperation.

Talking about translation, the linguists divide it into two parts: the one as the process of delivering the equal sense from one language to another, and then another as the result of this process of finding the right equivalents in another language without sense loss.

So, in two words, the process of translating is the search of right equivalents in another language that will reflect the same sense. And the translation from English to Russian is important more than ever since English is one of the international languages.

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So, there exist some kinds of translation.

  • literal translation,
  • automatic or machine translation,
  • professional translation, and localization.

Talking about the professional translation, you should not only translate from one language to another, but also work on the text structure, and the most difficult words in the text usually change in several times, optimizing the translated variant.

The final step is the proofreading of accomplished text. Meanwhile, literal and machine translations are the least effective and can be used only to understand the general meaning of the translated text, as the translation is often too word-to-word, and the hidden sense of some phrases and idioms will be lost.

The following English to Russian translation services is the most popular. Google Translate, which can translate texts in common languages. There are other popular online translators: Prompt, Yandex. Translate, Prof-translate. As a rule, these services work for free and instantly translate everything you need.

Online translation services are broadly used for the first two types of translation from English to Russian. The most famous and frequently used online translation service from English to Russian is Google translate.

It differs from the other services with the 103 of supported languages, as well as the possibility of automatic translation of web pages and huge texts. Unfortunately, the machine translation isn’t flawless, and the main disadvantage is the inappropriately chosen lexis and incorrect text structure.

While translating from English to Russian it’s also possible to work with online dictionaries which contain a huge amount of word meanings, variants of pronunciation, transcription, and usage in authentic texts. You can use such service as, or another famous online translation service – Lingvo Live by ABBYY.

It represents fewer languages that Google translate, but it copes with the translation of separate words and allocations. – Digital Agency London

But its main advantage is the available variants of translation, depending on the sphere where the text will be used, like in medicine, law, science, and others, providing the users with a huge number of examples. And if it isn’t possible to find a variant of translation among the given examples from authentic texts, you can always ask another translator to help you for free.

Another translation service from English to Russian is (Prompt). It has only 7 languages in the armory, but it’s capable to translate big texts. The users can also choose the theme of translation, like travel, health, sport, concentrating on the necessary vocabulary.

Meanwhile, the professional translation differs from the others by its accuracy and the complete and authentic interpretation of the meaning of every word. For example, if the text is technical, and it will be inappropriate to prettify it stylistically because it’s important to save the accurate meaning of the terms and cliches.

And If the source text is a literal one, it is highly important to use synonyms, change the order of words, and use of different stylistic devices, like epithets, metaphors, hyperbolas. Still, the translators may face some troubles while their work.

As the majority of English words have two and more meanings, you need to be careful while choosing the necessary one. Another difficult aspect is all grammar nuances, as you need to be sure that all verbs are in their right forms, saving the true structure of an English phrase.

It follows that translation is not an easy task, affecting many aspects of language learning, the correct choice of vocabulary, and knowledge of different meanings of words and their compatibility with other words in a sentence. Also, it’s important to know all grammatical nuances and rules, as well as the true structure of English phrases.

The knowledge of English punctuation and the right spelling is also important for the proper professional translation from English to Russian. Like any skill, fast and accurate translation needs constant practice and improvement. But patience and labor will grind everything!

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