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The meaning of the word “video agency”


1. Agency providing video materials to TV channels ◆ Russian TV channel RT, which broadcasts in English, Arabic and Spanish, is launching a video agency with an office in Berlin, which will sell materials to TV channels around the world.

Room selection

A budding entrepreneur saves on everything, and a video agency is no exception. And this approach is more than justified: the shooting takes place in different locations, and you can edit it at home.

Another aspect of organizing the video process is sound recording. But here, too, there is no need to worry in vain: renting a recording studio for a while will be more profitable than equipping it yourself. Moreover, such orders will be rare. Practice shows that the most frequent orders are wedding photography.

Video editing from home


For the full-fledged work of a video agency, you need a camera and a laptop. The camera does not have to be expensive, but you need a kit with accompanying tools for shooting: a tripod, clamps, additional lenses, a quadcopter, etc.

It is better to have several cameras for different occasions. On a DSLR, for example, you get warm lamp shots, but for an action you need a completely different camera. The laptop model is important not so much as the presence of special programs on it and the amount of RAM sufficient for video processing.

Equipment costs will be at least 400,000 rubles

We are a full cycle video agency DA dedicated to what we love – the successful promotion of YouTube channels and the production of videos of any complexity.

Our main goal is to do everything to ensure that the client gets the most out of YouTube. For this we use the most effective tools.

Our videos participate and take high places in international competitions. More than 200 videos were filmed and edited by our team’s specialists. Any niche, any competition.

With proven knowledge, experience and tools, we will turn your YouTube channel into a profitable business!

How to work with partners

To work fruitfully with large orders, you will need to cooperate with models, actors, extras, recording studios and interesting locations. Print your business cards and give project presentations to partners. Ideally, you should collect a database of contacts for all filming occasions that you will use from time to time.

While there are not so many orders, you can cope with filming and editing yourself. In the future, as the number of clients grows, you will need to delegate editing or post-production responsibilities. It is possible that from the very beginning you will work in tandem with the operator: for safety reasons or for filming from different angles.

But it is not necessary to have employees on staff, it is enough to resort to their services from order to order. On piecework payments, you will significantly reduce the cost of staff salaries. Monthly costs depend on the number of orders and the degree of participation of other specialists in them. On average, budget for this expense item at least 20,000 rubles per month.

WE CREATE commercials, DO NOT annoy, but WORK. IT MAY BE VIDEO FOR FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, PREROLES AND OTHER FORMATS, EACH OF WHICH goes through a full production cycle – from idea development to its implementation. THE AUTHOR’S CONCEPT, THE USE OF HIGH TECHNOLOGIES AND THE EXPERIENCE OF OUR TEAM will create a unique VIDEO that will evoke genuine emotions of the audience, COMPLETELY attracted his attention.

How to advertise your business

An excellent solution would be to search for clients on social networks. Register on several sites, and also give announcements about your services on thematic resources and free sites. Word of mouth will also play an important role in attracting customers.

But all advertising techniques can be in vain if your work is of poor quality. Therefore, at first, special attention should be paid to the portfolio. Try taking some free orders or asking friends and family for help.

Pros and cons of a business idea

Advantages of a video agency:

  • Fast growth
  • Great prospects
  • Subjective pricing

Disadvantages of a video agency

  • Competition
  • Irregular work schedule
  • Seasonality

Adrenaline Studios is a video agency affiliated with the RT television company, headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Funded from the state budget of the Russian Federation. Officially opened on April 4, 2013.

The agency provides videos on politics, finance, sports, science, technology and entertainment. It broadcasts in Russian, English, Arabic, German, French and Spanish. It works live, provides information to other agencies and on the website, a video-on-demand service is available.

Ruptly covers events in Russia, near and far abroad countries on various topics. On average, Ruptly produces 1,200 videos and 300 hours of live streaming per month.

According to Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of RT, the agency’s mission is “to become an alternative resource in the tight market for professional news video materials.”

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