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Why did you decide to shoot the video?

“We can, of course, tell our clients at a meeting how everything is arranged in our production. Someone can come to see, but this is not enough, because the client base is several tens of thousands of companies, and … invite everyone, it’s simple unreal. Because customers are all over the country. But again, not everyone will go from Siberia just to look at the production. We understand that very well. “

You can take a photo, it’s faster

“Photos – photographs, description – description, but it is much better to look when it is completely and completely, when within the framework of one video it is clear how from the decision of engineers, a specific drawing, the company creates a product that can be tested, and viewed, and bought, and shipment. That is why it was decided to shoot a video “

Is it worth filming real employees, maybe it’s better to invite actors to make it prettier?

“We did not invite any additional actors, everyone who is involved in the video really does this very work every day. There is a certain moment in our video when a service engineer consults on the phone, and then people really know, here is our Alexey, he really works. This is his daily work. Anyone inside and outside the company can call him, ask the appropriate questions. This, of course, increases the degree of trust. “

How do you use video?

“An email was sent to the entire client base, and we had a very good response. Many people went to our site and watched the entire video. Then we added a video to all our handouts. We also have a large network of dealers and official representatives, and having received this tool, they can tell in their regions not only that they are dealers of JSC “Energia” and present our equipment, they can show: “Here you are, the entire production cycle.”

Those. Does video also solve HR problems?

“We conduct training for our major partners so that they can further present our equipment in the regions and not contact us for additional help. So the people who conduct such training in the regions, they were just happy, because they finally have that is, a tool through which they can show and tell everything as it is. “

What are your impressions of working with Adrenaline Studios?

“When, after watching the video, the whole team in our office received a standing ovation, people applauded. It was a shock for me!

This is not my first day at the company. But I was applauded for my work for the first time. I was very pleased! This is, of course, the merit of your employees. It was such a great reaction “

“In addition, we had a tight schedule, important professional events, an exhibition in Moscow were coming. Nevertheless, everything was done at a very good level. If we shoot new videos, we will come back to you, because it was very pleasant to work . “

What happens

As with any kind of marketing, reckless use of content is a failure in advance.

And in order to build the right video marketing strategy, you need to understand its variety, because each type serves a specific purpose. And now in more detail.

1. Demo video

We often compare marketing communication to dating a woman.

And so, at the first meeting, inviting a woman to go to your home, you can easily cheer up from the palm that has flown over your face. At least in most cases. Do you dare?

Therefore, a demo or demo video serves to introduce a potential client to your company or product.

If you urge a person to buy immediately, then this is definitely a losing situation. And first of all, just tell us who you are and what you do. No importunity.

2. Brand video

Most often, such a video goes as an addition to some kind of advertising campaign. That is why it is necessary to show oneself in it as a company with its own idea, mission and values.

Although, I think, you have already heard about image advertising, in which the purpose is not advertising itself, but to light up your brand, thanks to an unusual plot and a clear slogan.

This is exactly our case, and therefore the purpose of the brand video is to intrigue and draw attention to the company.

3. Activities

This view shows your activity and development. For example, you are holding a presentation, a round table, a press conference or a trip to China for production.

Or, if you have a beauty salon, shoot a mini film. The plot can be how you went to a thematic exhibition.

Therefore, make a good editing, tell us about the results of your event and how it will affect the customer service, so that the viewer independently draws conclusions about you.

4. Expert interview

When we want to learn something, we always listen carefully to our teacher, following all his advice. That is why we love to listen to the experts who “ate the dog” in the area of ​​your interest.

As such, interviewing in-house experts or opinion leaders in a specific niche is a great way to build credibility and build trust.

For example, if you sell grain, then it will be a plus to interview the chief agronomist of the region, who has authority and status. It will show you a good professional side.

5. Educational

In order for customers to be in abundance, they must understand why they need your product, what problems it can solve, how to use it, and even how to place an order correctly. This seems obvious to you, but clients should be trained.

So one manufacturer of CNC machines in the Vkontakte group has created a series of training videos. In which he talked about the chips, pitfalls encountered in the business of their clients.

And also how you can improve the products with the help of their CNC machines. After such maneuvers, Orders were scheduled six months in advance.

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