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Nowadays, almost any business realizes the need for an Internet presence. In simple terms, a more or less serious company can no longer imagine itself without a website that promotes its goods and services on the Internet.

And if there is a demand, there is definitely a supply, which is why in recent years the Internet is simply flooded with web studios, vying with each other to offer to create a website. How do you navigate this sea, where, along with the tempting description of “creating a cool website for $ 200,” adjoins an advertisement for a web studio that builds gorgeous glowing, flashing, and sounding masterpieces for $ 20-40 thousand?

Web studio is a specialized company that provides services for the creation and promotion of sites.

Professional web design

The site should be not only and not so much beautiful – it should be, first of all, comfortable and convenient for visitors. A professional web studio will develop a design that, on the one hand, corresponds to the direction of your business and the characteristics of your company, and on the other hand, takes into account the tastes and preferences of your customers.

In addition, only professionals will provide your site with really high-quality usability testing, this will allow you not to lose customers due to the inconvenience of using the site.

What web studios do

The main profile of web studios is the creation and promotion of sites. For many, it is unclear how these organizations work.

Let’s talk about the standard composition.

  • An account manager is the link between the client and the developers. He should be able to speak simply about the complex: in simple words, convey technical details to the customer, and in the technical language set the task for the developers.
  • Designer – develops a graphic template, the appearance of the site.
  • The web programmer is responsible for the technical functionality of the site.

Also in the studio there can be specialists in contextual advertising, optimizers.

Features of the work of a professional web studio

  • Much attention is paid to web design development. Developing a web design is not difficult, but making it really high-quality, functional, and convenient is really difficult. The design must correspond to the customer’s profile, contain elements of corporate symbols. Also, professionals always conduct usability testing.
  • An audit of the target audience (CA) is mandatory. For the site to be useful for the audience, you need to determine the target audience of the business, its requests, preferences, and interests. It is necessary to analyze and set the parameters of the target audience: average income, gender, age, region of residence. It is also useful to audit a niche, analyze which sites it already has, which sites competitors have.
  • It turns out complex web marketing. This allows not only to increase the traffic of the resource but to increase the conversion so that more visitors become customers. For this, a whole range of measures is taken, first, a marketing plan is developed, where each service is described in detail, and the terms are set.
  • Technical support, consulting, and follow-up of the client after the completion of the work. Today, many companies can provide studio services and even do it at a decent level. However, rarely does anyone take responsibility for the result and does not refuse to provide customer support after the launch of the site.

What does the web studio make money on

Let’s take a look at the main income items for web studios. However, we will not talk about the cost of services, since there is not even an average indicator here, the range of prices is simply enormous.

The cost depends on the complexity of the work, on the competitive environment, timing.

  • Website development. From the development of the layout to the launch of the finished project.
  • Website promotion. This increases the position of the site in the search results.
  • Support and maintenance of sites. In order for the site to give a good result and tangible profit, it must be updated and developed, this is what the maintenance and development specialists are doing.
  • Domain connection and hosting. The web studio helps to register a domain and register the rights to use it.
  • Analysis of existing sites. Technical audit, problem identification, and solution.

How to open a web studio

First you need to clearly define the range of services. Will you only create sites, or even promote them, etc.

Next, you need to register an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity, arrange everything with documents. Serious customers work only on the basis of a contract, so do not neglect this point if you want to catch a “big” fish.

  • Putting together a team, it must include an accountant, programmer, web designer, administrator and other specialists, depending on the services provided.
  • We open a bank account.
  • We draw up standard forms of contracts.
  • We find a partner for CMS, hosting, domain registration. If you persuade partners into favorable terms, this can become an additional source of income.
  • We create a website about ourselves and actively promote it. It would be nice to have a portfolio of works.
  • We are establishing technical support for users.
  • We are looking for customers, we serve the first customers on preferential terms, we offer additional discounts for reviews.

That’s all. All that remains is to develop and increase the turnover.

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