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Build in Amsterdam

Company office location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Specialization: strategy, branding and eCommerce

A deep dive into strategic planning coupled with a passion for beauty is what Build in Amsterdam see as their success. Build in Amsterdam employees see their success in a clear understanding of the business goals of their clients: “We work with brands we believe in”. Developers see their role in helping their clients to gain perspectives for development, freedom of action and to provide a reliable background for brands and brands that will allow them to withstand any tests encountered in the market. The work of the Build in Amsterdam studio was appreciated by clients from Adidas, Openewear, Nike.


Company office location: Montreal, Canada

Specialization: web development, branding, web design, graphic design, media

More than 10 years on the market. A permanent member of the ratings of the best design studios. And the undisputed winner of the Awwwards Studio of the Year 2018 award.

Locomotive’s developers aim to make brands and trademarks bright and visible, while ensuring that every product they deal with meets the needs of the market and satisfies the needs of users. Experts consider new technologies to be the starting point for their work – it is this innovative approach that guarantees that the goods or services that Locomotive presents will be in demand for the consumer tomorrow.


Company office location: Verona, Italy

Specialization: web development, web design

Creative professionals from the most romantic city in Italy – Verona – have brought the legendary experience of love for art into their projects. AQuest see the goal of their work in creating products that can inspire users, give dreams of a beautiful world. The developers are convinced that implementing this idea with the help of modern innovative technologies is the surest way to achieve the goal.

“The most correct decisions are made with the heart” – AQuest experts are sure. In their work, they use creativity on the verge of surrealism. Applying technology and thinking outside the box, Aquest presents the world with a different take on ordinary things. This is what makes their work visible among others.


Company office: Hilversum (Netherlands), London (UK), Stockholm (Sweden), Dubai (UAE), New York, San Francisco (USA), Mexico City (Mexico), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Buenos Aires ( Argentina), Shanghai (China), Singapore

Specialization: branding, video, mobile applications, games, animation, VR

The company decided that if you work on quality, you can succeed. And if you still work on the quantity, then you can succeed globally.

Founded in 2001 as a creative agency, the Media Monks studio is constantly expanding its scope of activity, testing its strength in working with new technologies. The studio has completed projects in the field of strategy development and SEO, filming, visual effects and animation, developing applications for mobile devices, games and VR&AR, and even charity.

The company implements all ambitious plans by opening offices and finding talents in different countries of the world. Moreover, they did not limit themselves only to North America and Europe. New offices opened in Brazil, Argentina, China and Singapore. and the next step of expansion is the opening of Media Monks offices in mysterious and diverse India.

Immersive garden

Company office location: Paris, France

Specialization: design, interactive installations and web development

In 2017, they won the “Studio of the Year” nomination in the Awwwards and CSS Design Awards, and in the 2018 ratings, the studio took the “Site of the Year” award.

Studio projects are imbued with realism of the picture, quality of graphics, creating the effect of immersion in another reality.

“The basis of our work is creating a story or realizing an idea filled with meaning, using modern technology,” the developers of Immersive Garden say. Projects are implemented not only in the field of web development, but also in working with interactive installations, applications or any media content. The result that the studio team strives for is to create a powerful presentation for a new brand that will make it recognizable and understandable to the user.

Superhero cheesecake

Company office location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Specialization: web development, marketing

Developers from another studio with an office in Amsterdam decided that if we set the bar for ambition, then only at the “Hero” level.

Creatives from Amsterdam are not at all embarrassed if some stage of work has to be combined into a project with some other agency. The Superhero Cheesecake team believes that a successful collaboration is the key to success, no matter whether you have to work with a client or with another performer.

Thin and flexible communication, the ability to negotiate and find the best solution is the strong point of Superhero Cheesecake employees. This approach has been appreciated by large customers like Puma, G-Star, and Heineken.

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