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Web Design. Do you need a website with an optimal design?

You have come to the right place!

Adrenaline studios is a Swiss digital agency specialist in user-centered website creation and management.

Natural linking, SEO, digital linking and Web marketing are at the core of our business.

With us, you will find effective solutions to sustainably improve your company’s online visibility. Let’s work together to reach our goals quickly.

How to successfully create your website?

Are you looking for a user-centric digital agency?

Is your current website not ergonomic enough?

What is the difference between UX and UI web design?

Call our web agency in Lausanne to take care of your website design. We offer a variety of solutions tailored to your needs while maintaining the user experience. Small, medium or large, our answers are individual and we can easily work remotely.


In the digital age, we target countless different sites. You will naturally find that some are better and better designed than others. Do you have an idea of ​​all the work of every page you visit? Apart from appearance, website design falls under several techniques grouped under the name Web Design.

The extremely rapid development of internet technology brings new challenges for web designers. Sites should now work on computers, as well as smartphones, tablets, TVs, and connected objects. Not forgetting the design of the app!

Before this variety of digital media, interfaces include the latest features. Tactile navigation, vocalization, portrait / landscape rotation and interactivity of the action zones are the responsibility of experienced web designers …


Le the company’s website is a virtual showcase, but is also a brand ambassador and commercial tool. Indeed, an attractive and well-designed website offers a good image and encourages the purchase of the service or product being offered. Conversely, an unattractive and non-ergonomic site is directly detrimental to your brand. Specifically, this suggests that what you sell is also mediocre. Therefore, it is easy to see how Web Design can help grow your business and improve your brand image.

However, you should know that developing a high-performance design is no small feat. Internet users are becoming more demanding in the face of the countless offer on the site. They need to find what they are looking for quickly and effortlessly. Otherwise, they go to the competition.

Research shows that a website only has a few seconds to convince a visitor to stay. You can even talk about thousandths of a second. At Belmont Web, we are aware of this problem. We put our expertise in web design and digital marketing at your disposal to create a user-centric website.

“Design is the silent messenger of your brand.”

Paul Rand

UX and UI of web design

To create a website in a successful manner, we need to consider two types of web design:

  • Web Design User Interface (User Interface): This is the concept of user interface In other words, clarity of navigation, route optimization, and quality of content. In short, a web designer’s user interface takes care of graphic and text elements based on technical standards.
  • Web Design UX (User Experience): This acronym stands for the concept of User Experience on a website, taking into account the needs and expectations of Internet users. A UX web designer analyzes the user’s experience while navigating and his feelings. Therefore, the site should be accessible, understandable, ergonomic, reliable and easy to use.

Choose a digital agency in Switzerland

At Adrenaline studios, we place the user experience at the center of our web design offering. The websites we create are pleasant to visit, accessible and safe. They adapt to all types of screens and platforms.

Depending on your project, we offer you different design options.The goal is to create a responsive website as attractive and effective as your business. We invite you to browse our portfolio to see our work and find ideas for inspiration.

About profile

The Digital Design higher education program is aimed at professional training of universal specialists in the field of digital design, who know programming languages, who are proficient in modern computer technologies necessary for the implementation of projects in a digital environment, who are proficient in design thinking techniques and a high level of general culture. No other design profession combines so much knowledge, skill, experience and skill.

A graduate of the “Digital Design” profile will be able to work in the field of web design, programming, motion design. These are professions of the “new time”, the demand for which will only grow with the development of digital technologies.

The training program is aimed at developing practical skills in digital product development, programming, web animation, 3D modeling, graphic design, understanding of business processes and design project management technologies.

Main areas of study:

  • Web design – the development of the design of the interfaces of sites, mobile applications, video games, and any other digital products, including the design of the structure and experience that the user gets when interacting with a site or application.
  • UX design (user experience) – literally means “user experience”. UI design (user interface) is impossible without this stage – it is translated as “user interface”
  • Graphic design – creating vivid visual images in identity, branding, and new media.
  • * Identity – corporate identity, an image that is ensured by the development of uniform design principles
  • * Branding is a set of marketing tools, which consists in the development of identity, positioning, and promotion to the market, including advertising.
  • * New media – new forms of communication of content producers: digital format, interactivity, and multimedia.
  • Motion design – the creation of video content for the design of new media, television broadcast, movie titles, business presentations in Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premiere Pro, Cinema 4D programs.
  • Programming + Design – scripted animation – animation created with code.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) – augmented reality

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